How the Best Social Media Marketing Agency Boosts Your Website Traffic?

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No matter the scale of the business you own, the first and foremost thought that occupies your mind while leveraging a social media marketing agency in Mumbai or elsewhere is how much organic traffic your website can build up from it.

Veteran marketers apply various smart ways to whip up organic traffic to your website through social media. Today we’ll throw light on some of these tried and tested social media strategies to drive fresh traffic to your website.

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How to Drive Tons of Web-Traffic Via Social Media?


1. Fill in Your Business Profile on Social Media

The first thing people notice while they visit your social media page is the details about your business. So fill in the “About” section of your business page with utmost care.

Put every detail in place so that the visitors don’t find it hard to know your offerings. And make sure all your social media pages are linked to the Homepage of your website.

Also, don’t forget to link your website at the “About” section of your social account. Because it’s been reported that social media can drive 31% of all referral traffic to your website (source: Text Request).

So charm your social followers with your shared content and find them interested in looking for your website to get more such stuff. Thus you can drive tons of organic traffic to your website.

2. Promote & Repurpose Your Blog Posts

The top digital marketing companies in India have added some tips for blog promotion. Promoting your blog posts using strong messages is an amazing way to attract target viewers to your website.

Also, market your old content with different titles and appealing messages on social media. Quote varied snippets of your article and repost it on social media. This way you can keep your new followers informed about your old posts. And also you will be able to tempt the viewers to visit your website.

Then you can ask relevant questions to engage your readers with your blog posts. Apart from that, you can also add a “Tweet This” button at the end of your blog to get more social media traffic to your website.

 3. Create Easily Shareable Contents

Creating wonderful blog posts and then sharing it on social media can drive huge traffic to your website. People always like to spread messages that are lucid, legible, and full of relevant insights.

The easier it will be for the viewers to read, the more share it will generate. And naturally, more share means more traffic to your website.

Apart from the text format, try to patch some stunning images in your blog post. Also, create nice infographic images to show complex facts and figures in an easy and tempting way.

Don’t forget to optimize the images in your blog post using proper tags and titles. So act smart to ensure lots of share and tons of traffic to your website, naturally.

 4. Engage Your Employees to Promote Your Business Profile

According to the best social media agency in Mumbai, taking up your employees’ social profiles for the promotion of your brand’s social profile is an amazing way to boost traffic to your website.

Further, linking your employees’ social profiles to the brand’s profile or website can stir up huge traffic. Also, you can ask your employees to share your business profile on social media and the various groups they are in.

 5. Ensure a Consistent Engagement With Your Audience

You can easily overlook the social aspect of social media but that’s not a mistake you want to make. Social media gives you the chance to engage with your customers directly, know their pain points, and offer solutions.

This way you can earn trust from your customers and also from future customers. Social engagement also builds your brand authority. This way you can attract traffic to your website.

Research has shown that only 11% of people receive replies from brands online (source: Text Request). So with proper strategies for engagements you can easily outrank your competitors and shine brighter among all.

The top social media marketing agency in Mumbai has shared some tips on customer engagements. Like, you can participate in Twitter chats or social media chats, reply to tweets and comments mentioning you and your brand, etc.
Apart from that you can participate in relevant forum discussions or look for relevant hashtags and ignite conversions.

 6. Collect Email Addresses by Facebook Authentication

Offering a free e-book or guide over some trending topics is a nice way to collect email addresses. Many marketers use this trick to collect email addresses and use them later in their brand’s promotion.

But veteran marketers also vote for collecting email addresses by Facebook Authentication. Use some latest online tools where viewers will put their email addresses assuming they are logged into Facebook. Now as you have collected lots of email addresses use them to skyrocket your website traffic.

 7. Harness the Authority of the Influencers

Using the authority of the influencers in building your website traffic is another mind-blowing way these days. You can interview the top experts in your niche, get their feedback on any issue, and publish a compelling blog post on your website. In this way, a neat approach to blog promotion on social media can earn lots of eyeballs to your website.

Wrap Up

Getting lots of traffic to your website through social media is not rocket science. You just need to plan wisely and invest your valuable time in giving life to the marketing and promotional tactics.

Building tons of traffic and the audience to your website is time-consuming. But by following these tips, we hope you’ll see a positive impact on your efforts.

Still, confused? Get in touch with us to discuss your marketing needs and skyrocket your business growth, today!

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