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An award-winning digital marketing agency in Mumbai, Digitactix is a team that has grown brands into a voice that captures a wave of loyal audiences. Through our various marketing tactics and the arsenal of skilled professionals who are a part of our team, we make sure that you always exceed your marketing goals. Since we started operations in 2015, we have been digitally powered brands that come from various industries. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to chasing marketing opportunities and helping your brand reach out to potential customers who know what they want. But wait, what are digital marketing agencies? What makes these firms so important for a brand’s growth. Let’s dive deeper into the what and why


What is a digital marketing company and why do you need one:

Digital marketing is the use of digital technology such as the internet, phones, laptops, etc and accurate data on the audience you wish to target to market your brand and communicate your product offerings to your customers in creative ways. Since almost 4.48 billion people all over the world use the internet(source: Statista), there is no doubt that companies must be building their brand presence online in order to survive.

An online marketing agency takes care of this for organizations. They have their team of skilled professionals who work in separate departments to achieve one goal: To bring you the best possible return on your investment in the digital world. Let’s see why do we need a company to handle our internet marketing activities:

Measurable results:  Often the marketing done is result-oriented and the data obtained from the target audience is very specific and accurate. Now carrying out these activities is not easy, it requires a lot of heavy lifting. This is the reason why agencies have sprung up. The best digital marketing companies in Mumbai or in other parts of the world avoid practicing “spray and pray” marketing. Strategizing is done, audiences are analyzed closely, campaigns are executed, be it advertising or a marketing one, and monitored closely. Changes are made according to how audiences are responding. Reports are generated and results are measured in exact numbers

Allows you to focus on core activities: When you hire the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai, all you need to do is talk about all your requirements to the company. Internet marketing for your business goes on autopilot, it eases your work and brings in revenue for you. Companies will do the heavy lifting for you which will allow you to work on other core activities of your business. You can work on improving production, human resource, and other core activities.

More in-depth knowledge and expertise: Internet Marketing companies have the experience of working with large organizations from various industries. They establish strong relationships with such clients due to the skilled teams they possess. The team these agencies hire have thoroughly learned and mastered their specific skill and have in-depth knowledge of how to tackle problems. Since corporate clients have large requirements, they tend to hire such agencies and receive a greater return on investment. These companies are handling multiple clients at one time and they do it very smoothly. 

Various Services: With an internet marketing agency, you will find a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing solutions. Be it brand awareness or lead generation, your demands will definitely be met. Be it social media marketing, Pay-per-click ads, Search engine optimization or any other service, an agency has it all. It will all be packaged for you at the best price. This reduces the hassle of spending time on getting quotations and making decisions on which company should provide which service.


Our logo, represents the hook/anchor that keeps the brand connected to their
roots, to their core, no matter how big or better they get. The usage of the colour
spectrum represents our vision for growth and acceptance of cultures and beliefs,
and working towards newer possibilities.


Do what we do best.Do it on a daily
basis.We make sure these dos are consistent
and measureable.Work and rework on
algorithms that can generate ROI for the clients.


To be a full-fledged marketing company that powers marketing efforts with data and the state of the art technologies.Make a name in the digital world.Increase the mindshare by 10 percent YOY.


When your client makes business,
you make business.


We are a team of 27 people and four sub-teams working towards a common vision. We bring to the table the best and we do this daily. We are a big digital family.Our development team website and app hang out together. Our design team makes creative fun. The marketing and analytics teams are the guys who tell us what’s working, what’s not. Collaboratively we work and rework on algorithms that needs to make business for our clients.

Digitactix is a digital marketing agency focused on bringing growth and revenue to its client. We provide essential services like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Design and Development, Content Writing and many more while keeping our motto in mind: When your client makes business, you make business.


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