What is online game marketing?

With the gaming industry poised to grow north of $300 billion dollars by the end of 2026, it is nothing short of a melting pot for aspiring developers to tap into.

And it is indeed being tapped into readily, with a slew of games being added to the libraries of leading game storefronts like Steam, Epic Games, and GOG almost every day.

Discord Gaming

Discord is to gamers what LinkedIn is to professionals.

Looking back a few years, gamers didn’t have an exclusive platform to engage in gaming-related conversations. Enter Discord – a dedicated ecosystem where gamers cannot only text each other but also get third-party voice chat support for games that didn’t have built-in comms.

Why should you hire Digitactix for marketing your online game?

Online games bring people together. And we bring people to your online game.

As a gaming agency, we know what makes for a good social media page, website, and search engine presence. We’re able to fully understand the core ideas that game developers and publishers are trying to sell. What makes a game unique? What’s special about it? What’s the inspiration behind it?

What services does Digitactix game marketing agency provide for your business?

Gaming Marketing

Through thorough marketing research and in-depth business, product, and audience analysis, we strategically build a customized roadmap that will bring better visibility and reach to your business.

Gaming Social Media

Social Media remains the reigning king when it comes to marketing. We will help your brand shine on popular media fronts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Discord, and Telegram with targeted game marketing strategies based on your brand’s personality.


Aggressiveness is the way of the marketing world. And nothing is more direct and impactful than paid marketing. Engage your audience with intricately curated ad campaigns via Google and Facebook, actualized by our expert marketing personnel.


With so many tastemakers in the gaming domain, influencer marketing is a channel you can’t choose to ignore. We’ll help you attach the best face to your brand, and run an end-to-end influencer outreach program that’s not only about numbers but real, tangible audience engagement – be it online or mobile game influencer marketing.


Apart from Discord, telegram is another front where marketing magic takes place, especially in gaming. Plus, the app has a metric-ton load of footfall. Help us help you make the most of this platform via our result-oriented telegram marketing strategies.

NFT Game

We believe in striking when the iron’s hot. And given the exploding popularity of NFT games, it is red-hot. So strike hard and strike true with our NFT game marketing specialists, well-versed in the ins and outs of how these tokenized games operate.


Simple! By partnering with us! But on a serious note though, developing and publishing a game is a tough nut to crack by itself. Add marketing to the mix, and it becomes a labyrinth, the way out of which can’t be easily found. Partner with a gaming agency like Digitactix and outsource all your promotion-related requirements to us. From helping you reach your audience to making your game an all-around success - we’ll provide end-to-end assistance in every aspect.
If you’ve got a finished game product, there are many platforms available where you can carry out your promotion campaigns. Telegram marketing, esports marketing, Discord promotions, and Social Media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - platforms are aplenty, each providing its own unique voice through which you can speak to your audience.
Apart from the standard platform-based marketing models, we can also help you drive traffic to your native website via highly targeted and robust SEO strategies and content marketing. Besides, since mobile-first has become a rule of thumb in marketing biz, mobile game marketing is something that we heavily prioritize. In a nutshell, Digitactix will plaster your game brand across all screens, no matter the size.

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