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As one of the best social media marketing companies in Mumbai, we have worked with a diverse range of clients. Take a look at some of the clients we have worked with extensively:


Pinkathon is India’s biggest women’s run that is held all over the country. It is an initiative by Maximus events to bring India’s women together to live or relive a healthy and fit lifestyle. Pinkathon faced challenges when it came to making a digital presence and bringing in online registrations for its main event in Mumbai. That’s when Pinkathon teamed up with Digitactix and trusted us with their brand’s growth. Digitactix focused on helping Pinkathon reach out to a huge number of women in every corner of the city. Our creative minds and marketing techniques applied in SMO, PPC Ads, copywriting and Graphic Design helped Pinkathon gather thousands of registrations. Our skills and expertise as the best digital marketing company brought immense success to Pinkathon.


ChewCentral is a leading online pet food store in India. Chew Central offers a wide range of food, toys and supply products for various breeds of cats and dogs. Chew Central faced challenges when it came to building a powerful presence on social media and garnering sales digitally. Chew Central teamed up with Digitactix to tackle these challenges. Chew central saw explosive growth in their sales and their brand presence on Instagram and Facebook, all thanks to the collective efforts of the best online marketing agency in Mumbai in Graphic Design, Copywriting, Ad Campaign Management, and Social Media Optimization. 


Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is a subsidiary of Hitachi India that provides cloud migration, data storage and cybersecurity solutions. Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is one of our clients from our initial days and has been with us ever since. We helped HSMC gather leads to achieve their sales goals using social media marketing practices for B2B Marketing on Linkedin. HSMC was able to reach out to high quality leads to provide services like cloud migration, cybersecurity, etc and lived up to their motto “co-creating a better tomorrow”. Here is a what Anuj Gupta, CEO of HSMC has to say about one of the campaigns we ran for them:

The success of Intel Security White Paper Download is purely because of the professionals at Digitactix. We received 70,000+ Engagement & more than 1000 white paper downloads & great credibility for the brand, Thanks to Ankita and her team. 

We continue to help HSMC grow digitally as their preferred Linkedin marketing company.

Kraus Jeans:

Kraus Jeans is a renowned brand offering high quality and stylish casual wear. Kraus wanted to stay ahead of its competitors and build a dominating brand presence on the world wide web. To fulfill this demand, Kraus jeans teamed up with the best social media marketing agency in Mumbai. Digitactix helped Kraus jeans turn into a highly influential brand on social networks like Facebook and Instagram with its superior social media optimization practices, helping it stay ahead of its competitors and reaching out to fashion enthusiasts who needed a fresh brand.


McCoy is a leading manufacturer for home and kitchen appliances based in India. The appliance powerhouse needed an online marketing agency that could help achieve its marketing goals. McCoy chose Digitactix and entrusted us with the whole responsibility of marketing Instagram and Facebook. Our team of Social Media Managers, Graphic Designers and Copywriters helped McCoy connect with its target audience, build relationships, spread brand awareness and achieve their sales and marketing goals effortlessly. We continue to help McCoy reach out to more and more potential customers on Facebook and Instagram in 2020.

Urban Living:

Urban Living is a globally renowned furniture brand based in India that delivers sofas to various countries using Indian materials. Urban Living offers a wide range of stylish sofas and also customizes sofas according to the customer’s design specifications. In order to be a step ahead in the furniture market, Urban Living chose Digitactix as the digital marketing company that would walk them along the digital path to achieving marketing goals. We gave Urban Living a whole makeover on the world wide web with a new website, social media optimization services to promote their sales strategies and spread brand awareness.


FurnitureKraft is a leading furniture wholesaler that supplies an array of furniture products to various countries. Based in India, FurnitureKraft designs and builds furniture using only native materials. FurnitureKraft partnered with Digitactix to bring about a massive boost in their online brand presence on social networks like Linkedin and saw great results. We drove several B2B leads to them which gave them high marketing opportunities and an excellent return on investment.  Here’s what Mustafa Merchant, the then director of FurnitureKraft, had to say about us:

Been in the furniture business since decades, but taking it online is a different ball game. Our teams worked together with Digitactix on getting the detailing right, in terms of visuals and user experience. We are happy with the experience and look forward to our digital journey with this young and dynamic team.


True Care is an education brand that was planning to carry out a campaign known as #LifePostCancer that helped Cancer survivors stand up and get back to their careers and their usual daily routine. True Care teamed up with Digitactix to promote its campaign digitally. We brought an amazing response to their campaign using our SMO techniques and hands-on advertising knowledge. Here is what Dr. Zubin Pardawala, Director of True Care has to say about our campaigns:

For #LifePostCancer campaign, Digitactix managed to arrange a corporate cricket tournament to support the cause of preparing Cancer survivor to make a living. The campaign got our engagement rate up by 55% with a good 93% rise in the number of people who viewed our video and a decent amount of sponsorship to support our initiative. Appreciate the effort.


Drivol is a leading brand based in Germany that manufactures lubricants and oils for trucks, racing bikes and racing boats. To be a dominant force in the automotive oil market, Drivol teamed up with Digitactix to ensure digital brand dominance. The split testing of various creatives that communicated the products and Drivol’s USP helped Drivol to reach out to a large number of users. Qualified leads were generated that brought Drivol a lot closer to its sales goals. Drivol gathered a loyal audience on social networks like Instagram and Facebook and was able to smoothly convert customers with the help of the best digital marketing company in Mumbai.


Krazy Kids Karnival is an event organized by Meltwater Events. It is a fun-filled experience designed for family time. KrazyKidsKarnival wanted to create a massive buzz for the first year of its main event dates online and generate registrations digitally with the help of an internet marketing company. Digitactix digitally powered the event with social media optimization and ad management, both on Google, Facebook and Instagram. KrazyKidsKarnival received a tremendous response, with almost a million users reached and thousands of registrations.

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