Google Ads is a digital advertising service. It is developed by Google to assist the marketers reach their customers in a flash. It is a great paid tool for the top ad agencies in India to get the desired position on the SERP for your brand and precisely reach the target customers to drive ultimate conversions and enhance sales.


Keyword Research
& Analysis

We determine the most effective keywords for bidding by executing an extensive keyword research and analysis and pick the ones with optimum ROI and profit

Analyzing Competitor’s Campaigns

Our panoramic competitor analysis provides broad understanding of their bids, budgets and landing pages and configure your campaign with better strategies to steal the scene

Setting The
Campaign Up

We create compelling ad copies, landing pages and configure your Google ads campaign utilizing prudent strategies, variations and modifications to achieve maximum possible conversions, instantly.

Designing and Developing Landing Pages

Our most knowledgeable and experienced design and development team crafts stunning and highly converting landing pages that lead you through the right path to success.


Being the Best Digital Marketing Company in India, Digitactix uses a variety of tools and smart techniques for research and develops effective paid search campaigns for your brand. Google Ads are mainly focused on meeting your target cost per lead.


Simple! By partnering with us! But on a serious note though, developing and publishing a game is a tough nut to crack by itself. Add marketing to the mix, and it becomes a labyrinth, the way out of which can’t be easily found. Partner with a gaming agency like Digitactix and outsource all your promotion-related requirements to us. From helping you reach your audience to making your game an all-around success - we’ll provide end-to-end assistance in every aspect.
If you’ve got a finished game product, there are many platforms available where you can carry out your promotion campaigns. Telegram marketing, esports marketing, Discord promotions, and Social Media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - platforms are aplenty, each providing its own unique voice through which you can speak to your audience.
Apart from the standard platform-based marketing models, we can also help you drive traffic to your native website via highly targeted and robust SEO strategies and content marketing. Besides, since mobile-first has become a rule of thumb in marketing biz, mobile game marketing is something that we heavily prioritize. In a nutshell, Digitactix will plaster your game brand across all screens, no matter the size.


Digitactix is a digital marketing agency focused on bringing growth and revenue to its client. We provide essential services like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Design and Development, Content Writing and many more while keeping our motto in mind: When your client makes business, you make business.


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Investing in Google AdWords lets you help highly enthusiastic buyers find your website instantly. By crafting compelling and valuable campaigns using smart schemes, we strive to turn each and every single penny you invest into multifolds of profit for your brand.

At Digitactix, we handle your Google Ads campaigns way better than other companies in the market. Our clientele itself demonstrates the statement well. We target particularly the keywords that can drive most leads, purchase, and goal completions to your site. The extensive keyword research that we always execute while managing your Google Ads account, lets us pick the most cost-effective approach to acquire potential customers that search precisely for the things you offer.

With the professional team of paid campaign specialists at the most renowned Google adwords agency in Mumbai, Digitactix has accumulated years of experience in creating and optimizing Google Ads campaigns for a wide range of industries. We learn every aspect of our client’s sales funnel to determine proper bids and earn the right cost per head. Thus we assure you a cost effective form of advertising with massive reach and potential that drives highest ROI and ultimate commercial development, instantly.