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SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique that we, as the best SEO company in India use to help a website get a top rank on any search engine result page (SERP) like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. So if your business has a website and you want to get a huge amount of organic traffic, your website must have a top rank on the SERP for certain relevant keywords. SEO has a long term benefit and offers a high return on your investment.


On-page SEO refers to the optimization of structure and content of your own website. In other words, it is a technique of optimizing anything that is on the page of your own website. With this technique we, the top seo company in India, aim to take your website on the top SERP, earn a lot of relevant organic traffic and generate sales. This process involves optimization of content, title tags, internal links and URLs of your website.


SEO is the most essential digital tool to generate a profitable business. It leads your business to climb up the search engine result page so that when a user looks for the services you provide, they should find your website right on the top. It is a non-paid process.

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An SEO company is a company that partners with different businesses to improve their website’s visibility in search engines. Improved visibility means more organic traffic coming to your website, which ultimately leads to an increase in leads and sales.
Every business in almost every industry can get benefits from SEO. So the companies starting from real estate to dentists, from professional services to restaurants, from interior designers to auto dealers that want to grow their business online and earn revenue, need SEO.
Choosing the right SEO company for your business can be a difficult task, but with the right tactics, you can get the best results. Here are a few things to consider:
  • Look at the Company’s portfolio
  • Check the Client Testimonials & Reviews
  • Research the Team & the company’s ethics
  • Understand their working process
  • Check out if the work is transparent
  • Choose an ethical company with the best practices.
As a client, you can expect complete transparent services from an SEO company. This includes all types of reports like Keyword Research reports, Competitor Analysis reports, On-page SEO reports, Link Building reports, Keyword Ranking reports, Monthly/Weekly Work Progress reports, Traffic and Conversion reports etc.



    Digitactix is a digital marketing agency focused on bringing growth and revenue to its client. We provide essential services like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Design and Development, Content Writing and many more while keeping our motto in mind: When your client makes business, you make business.


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    A higher ranking on search engines means your website is trustworthy to the audience and it is visible to a lot of people looking for the same search result. Naturally, a huge number of your target viewers will visit your website for information. And if your content is compelling and of high-standard, it’ll generate countless free leads.

    Yes! SEO lets you generate a huge number of organic leads and increase your brand visibility, all at free of cost. You don’t have to spend a penny to the search engines to get a top rank and draw a flow of relevant traffic towards your website. So for all these to come true, SEO is the only technique for you.

    Among the best SEO services in India, we provide various SEO techniques to add up some necessary changes to your website and make it more attractive and compelling for your target audience. These changes mainly revolve around some non-paid activities like creating high-quality contents, technical SEO, keyword research and creating high quality backlinks etc. This way we revolutionize your sales and ensure you get your desired outcome from your digital presence.

    But all good things take time and SEO, too, is no different. It is a long-term process that can take at least 3 months to bring your desired results. But in turn, your website will get long term benefits like huge amounts of organic leads and higher brand visibility among your target audience that were almost impossible from any other non-paid methods. So the wait is worth it, right?

    Keyword Research: Keywords are any words or phrases that people type into the search engine to find information on the internet. Keywords fetch organic search results and lead the user to the website where he can find relevant information. Keyword Research is the practice of finding and analyzing the words or phrases that people use for search on the internet and using the knowledge to optimize the content on the website.

    The process of SEO involves activities for both On-Page and Off-Page of your website. And since our foundation we have been providing 100% white hat SEO services to our clients and ensure their business growth.

    If you want your website on the top SERP it must have quality content with target keywords. Keywords are the basic signals to the search engines that implies the content is relevant. Now, to get a higher SERP rank, apart from the content, the title tags, internal links and URLs must also have the target keyword. To the search engine algorithm, this is the indication of the relevance of the content on your webpage.

    Apart from the keywords factor, the content must be organic, informative and easily understandable for the readers. Your web page must have a faster loading speed and provide a flawless user experience. Users must be able to navigate through the webpages effortlessly. In any way the webpage should not block the crawlers from indexing your website. So as the best SEO agency in the country, we apply various strategies to ensure all technical and content-related factors are perfect on your website and it gets a higher rank on SERP along with a flow of organic and relevant traffic.

    Off-Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO involves techniques that are performed outside of your own website to influence your rankings on the top SERP. As the best SEO company in Mumbai we apply pure white hat techniques to create backlinks on the third party website, tons of share on social media and mentions across the internet. The technique aims at improving search engine and user perception of your website’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness and authority. Thus it helps your website to get a higher search engine rank at free of cost and ultimately drive organic traffic to it.

    Building backlinks is the core factor of Off-Page SEO. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! etc. consider backlinks as proof of the linked-to content’s quality and trustworthiness. So if your website has a lot of high standard backlinks from other third party websites, it will usually rank better than any other equal website with fewer backlinks.

    Although earning trusted links from external websites is the most popular practice of Off-Page SEO strategy, almost any activity that happens outside of your own website and helps to increase your rank on SERP, could be considered as the Off-Page SEO. These may involve Social Media Marketing, Brand Mentions etc.

    So, with a prudent use of various On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques, we analyze the overall traffic of your webpages, as well as the conversion and engagement levels and provide you the effective glimpses of your efforts. In this way we provide the best SEO assistance in the country to help you to get a top rank on SERP and boost your sales.

    There are tons of benefits of doing SEO. As the best SEO services company in Mumbai and across the country, we implement a set of efforts that, over time, will advance your ranking, visibility, sales and a lot more.

    Drive Traffic

    SEO is a great tool for targeting innumerable eyeballs at free of cost. And with more eyeballs you are more likely to conquer the market. But your website needs to be in perfect alignment with the search engine so that your target audience can find their way to you.

    Design a flawless marketing strategy with our expert SEO team to improve your organic search traffic extensively.

    Lead Generation

    As the search engines provide results to users who are looking for a particular keyword, getting a higher rank in the result page means reaching most of the audience when they need it and that too, at free of any costs. And the more visitors you get, more are the chances of generating leads.

    With the wise and smart strategies of the top SEO company in India you can generate countless numbers of quality leads which you can not even imagine with offline marketing!

    Doubles Conversion Rate

    The organic traffic you get by implementing the services of SEO are more likely to convert into customers than other sources of traffic. Place your website on search engines, win greater conversions and get the highest ROI.

    Our SEO services help you to navigate through the online platforms and get the most qualified leads that easily turn into customers.

    Brand Visibility

    Your brand demands a widespread awareness! People need to be cognizant of your offerings so that whenever they think of purchasing a product, they think of you.

    By applying various SEO tactics like link building, optimized contents, keywords etc we improve your brand visibility, thereby spreading your reputation among the target audience.

    Boosts Sales

    SEO can funnel a lot of new customers to your website at free of cost only by placing it on the top search result and targeting the right audience with thoughtful and smart efforts. The more relevant visitors you get, the more are your conversion rates and the more you generate sales from it.

    Resort to our SEO services for getting an infinite number of organic potential customers, decreasing the bounce rates to your website and boosting your sales.