6 Ways You Can Build a Strong Linkedin Presence

by digitactix-team Social Media Marketing

Linkedin is the social network for professionals and the corporate culture. Linkedin focuses more on creating an environment for business growth and career progress. If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how to establish a strong and prosperous presence with Linkedin marketing. Here are 6 ways that will help you build your Linkedin presence:

Post Content:

How much ever we stress on this it isn’t enough, POST CONTENT. Be active, keep churning out content for your profile. In real life, just sitting at home, doing nothing and not being social is a destructive lifestyle. The same is with your brand presence on Linkedin. If you don’t post good and interactive content regularly, you will lose out on your audience. LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media. Ultimately, you won’t get the required engagement and leads to take your brand higher and sell your products or services.

Connect with the right people:

Not just connecting, but connecting with the right people makes sure that your efforts into networking online are fruitful. Connect with those who are proactive in the specific industry you are in or have an influence over a chunk of the audience who are part of the industry. These people will be better to engage with and give your brand a good exposure in the industry. You will be recognizable and your credibility will increase. You can also hire the best talent for your organization as your connections can help you in recruiting great human resources. This will again increase your proficiency and trustworthiness.

Engage with your connections:

Engagement is the next and an essential step to let people know that you matter in the industry. Engage with your connections on the content they have posted, express what you feel when they have experienced a certain event or achieve something. Also, keep chatting with them from time to time. This will not only help you build a rapport with a network of people in your industry but will also help you exchange valuable information and knowledge will them. If you are selling B2B services, you can also bring great sales conversion! After all, 46% percent of the social media traffic to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn. Treat Linkedin like a real-life networking meet-up. The only way you earn new, powerful and interesting opportunities is by engaging with everybody around.

Highlight your USP:

 If you are one-of-a-kind, you have no competition. We all must have something unique to talk about ourselves. Getting lost in the crowd isn’t a good thing for growth, whether you have a business or are an individual. There definitely must be something different in your work, maybe a unique method of production or a unique ingredient of the product, a unique method of testing candidates for a certain role, the list is endless.

Keep track of your Analytics:

Linkedin provides various metrics and analytics about your profile. These metrics are crucial when it comes to planning your actions to grow your Linkedin presence in the future. These are the important metrics you must keep in mind when it comes to making decisions

  1. Reach: Your reach indicates how many unique users you have reached out to. This metric is important since it increases if your content is interesting, engaging and shareworthy.
  2. Impressions: Your impressions indicate how many users your posts have reached. Unlike reach, impressions do count the same user again. For eg: Keepin your audience amount constant, if you post on day one the reach is 100 and impressions are 100 but if you post on day 2 the reach is 0 and impressions are 100.
  3. Profile Visits: The profile visits, as the name suggests, indicate the people that come to view your profile. Just like reach, these visits are unique ie if one person visits more than once, his visit will only be counted once.
  4. Clicks: Clicks indicates how many viewers have clicked on the CTA if you have added any. CTAs include actions like going to the website, etc. Clicks can show us how many leads the ad brings.

Express your critical opinion:

There are always new happenings, controversies, innovations, etc in any industry or any field. Whoever you are, a production company, a tech company or an online marketing company, there are always revolutionary events that change the face of the industry. However, they may have both a positive and negative impact, depending on the person or the brand being impacted. Expressing your opinion on such events either through a post or through an article attracts a lot of engagement. Such engagement comes in the form of people either supporting your opinion or talking against it. Also when expressing valid points to support your opinion, it shows how knowledgeable and proficient you are, ultimately raising your value. When your value rises, people will prefer to partner with you or buy services from you.

Contact Us:

Yes, we’re serious. If you haven’t contacted us already to build a Linkedin presence for you, it’s high time. Being one of the best digital marketing agencies with skilled and experienced Linkedin marketers, we at Digitactix nurture your brand profile on Linkedin to turn it into a strong presence that has a resonating impact. Since the founding of our digital marketing company, we have laid focus on Linkedin and worked with several enterprises to grow their presence. Learning the ins and outs of Linkedin has helped us to become proficient in letting you be heard by the right people. Let’s talk about your brand today!

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