Facebook Advertising: How can it benefit your business in 2020?

by digitactix-team Social Media Marketing

Facebook Inc. owns the largest social networks on the planet. Among these platforms, Facebook and Instagram have more than 2 billion users accessing the platform every day(source: Statista). These users consist of large audiences having a variety of demographics. These include a wide age group, different genders, locations, tastes, preferences, interests, behaviors, designations, etc. This is enough proof that the world lives more on social media than in the real world. Almost every social media marketing agency will choose these two social networks as their first preference.

In fact, Facebook and Instagram have heavily influenced people when it comes to making a decision and acting on the same. Here are a few ways how:


● Purchasing Decisions:


Over 80% of consumers have left e-commerce websites without finding what they were actually looking for. This is mainly because many people rely on feedback from friends, family or an acquaintance who has been using the same type of product. Facebook provides the opportunity to take feedback for the same on demand. Also, many people on Facebook amass a huge following and gain the power to influence them (who are known as social media influencers). They use this influence to market products similar to the interests of their followers. A majority of their followers even purchase or consider purchasing the product in the future.

Business Decisions:


For years, Facebook and Instagram have influenced business decisions. After all, they have a major global audience on board. Facebook and Instagram help business owners and managers understand the current trends in the market relating to their niche/industry. Also, the amounts spent on advertisements are optimized regularly to keep up with the competition and updates. This makes businesses sometimes rethink their strategies and take decisions according to the revised marketing goals. Many techniques of marketing can be adopted and executed on Facebook. These marketing efforts generate many valuable resources, for eg: brand value, revenue, social ROI, etc. This makes businesses keep several factors into consideration while setting goals and designing their marketing strategies in detail.

Brand Loyalty:


Any digital or branding company will tell you that a loyal customer is sometimes better than a lead. Even a sales team would agree to this point. They would rather pitch a new product to your loyal customer than a new lead. Facebook and Instagram have the potential to assist you in providing an amazing customer experience. With the various features and tools, you can maintain and grow great brand loyalty for your business. A digital marketing company makes great use of Facebook, Instagram and compelling content oriented for both the platforms to increase brand value, awareness, and customers who keep coming back to purchase and consume more of what your brand has to offer.

Therefore Facebook and Instagram are social networks conducive for advertising. They provide a good environment to advertise and market your brand and its offerings, be it products or services. This is a major reason why digital marketing companies in Mumbai and the world over, choose the Facebook Advertising Network to grow powerful brands and smash their respective marketing goals.

Here are a few more important reasons why you must go ahead with Facebook Advertising in 2020:


1.  Controlled Costs, Explosive ROI:


A huge advantage provided by our beloved Facebook Inc is the various options that help us to effectively structure the costs that are invested as ad spends.  Advertising teams gain great control and can minimize costs for you. Facebook’s Ad Manager helps design the ad in such a manner that you reach out to a large audience belonging to your niche. You can also generate a good amount of sales while keeping your costs in control. The ROI with Facebook is huge, whatever industry you belong to.

2.  Test your Ads:


Facebook Ad Manager has a major feature where you can test multiple versions of an ad for one campaign and accurately compare the results. This is called Split Testing or A/B Testing. Ad testing has proven to be vital for almost every business that utilizes the power of advertising to the fullest. Consistent pre-testing improves an ad’s effectiveness by at least 20%, according to Millward Brown. Also, an ad’s content and creativity influenced profits four times more than media placement alone, according to research in AdMap. Ad testing will help to put up the most cost-effective and powerful ads.

3. Deep Analytics:


The Facebook Ad Manager provides an analytics dashboard that allows us to gauge the performance of our ad campaigns and individual ads. The dashboard gives us a deep analysis of the performance using several metrics and graphs. These metrics are the best KPIs to gauge the performance of marketing efforts and make a decision accordingly. The analysis has very high accuracy. It also gives us suggestions on how to optimize our ads to gain maximum return while investing minimum cost.

There is also a feature which is known as Facebook Pixel. It is a code snippet that, after integrating with the targeted landing page, helps you track the movement of your leads. It also helps you retarget the lead in situations like abandoned shopping carts. For eg: If you go to a marketplace like Amazon, add products to the cart but do not place the order, with the help of Facebook Pixel ads will be shown to convince you to place the order for the items inside the cart.



As we come to the end, we can definitely conclude that Facebook Advertising has superior potential when it comes to providing a very high return on ad spend at an amazingly low cost. Facebook and Instagram are social networks that can provide B2B and B2C opportunities for almost all kinds of industries. If you have used Facebook Advertising in the past for your business, let us know about your experience. If you haven’t, we strongly advise that you must give it a go. A huge reason is that your competitors have done so and are profiting hugely in terms of revenue and brand value. Now that is where Digitactix steps in. Being an award-winning social media marketing company, we have worked with a plethora of companies coming from all kinds of industries such as IT and cybersecurity, furniture, jewelry, sports, culinary education, fashion and more. Get in touch with us to talk about how we can help your business grow by harnessing the power of Facebook Advertising!

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