How can certain businesses thrive during the Coronavirus outbreak?

by digitactix-team Sales & Marketing

Businesses will have to strengthen their online operations during the coronavirus outbreak as more and more people keep themselves indoors all around the globe. With 100s of cases being added to the count every day, governments are taking all kinds of measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The virus, that originated in the market of Wuhan, China has infected over 160,000 humans around the globe. Therefore, many cities and countries are ordering companies to work from home and close many spaces that usually receive large crowds, for eg: malls, theatres, etc. Most businesses on the planet are now experimenting with the work from home culture, with platforms like Slack, Trello, AnyDesk being utilized to the fullest. Since more and more people are sticking to indoor work and refraining from going out at all, they are resorting to online businesses for all kinds of needs. Here is a list of certain types of businesses that will thrive during the current global scenario:

Ecommerce Marketplaces and Stores: Ecommerce Marketplaces and Stores are currently experiencing a sharp spike in demand when it comes to groceries, especially medical items. Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers are repeatedly going out of stock and the world is experiencing a shortage of supply for the same. In this period of time, marketplaces and stores are receiving a huge amount of traffic and converting much more than the usual amount of leads. Therefore with good marketing, setting up a Marketplace or store for consumer goods or household items can prove to be a very profitable investment.

Online Health Services: Online Health Services like online checkups, etc are currently the need of the hour. Most of the population is going to stay indoors, with governments urging people to stay at home and closing down malls, theatres, etc. Also, offices are shutting down and companies are asking their employees to work from home. Therefore people are going to rely heavily on the internet for medical goods and services. As a result, investing in Online Health Services will be an extreme necessity fulfilled.

Content Streaming Platforms: Streaming platforms are going to serve as the major source of entertainment and recreation in general. Also, these platforms are going to expect huge amounts of users to use their platform to binge-watch content. However, keep in mind that it will be difficult to get hold of new content since the shooting of films and series has been halted due to, you guessed it, the outbreak. 

Social Networks: Social Media access has shot up since the coronavirus outbreak. Since being self quarantined or being assigned work from home, or just being safe, people tend to access social networks more than ever at this time of crisis. By partnering with a good social media marketing agency, you must give your brand a powerful voice for the best social platforms.

Digital Marketing is what you will need to stay on top of the competition during the coronavirus outbreak. Getting help from online marketing companies is what will help you reach out to a large number of users who are particularly in need of the products or services you offer: Below are the digital marketing services listed that will help you raise revenue:

Social Media Marketing and Advertising: Social Media Marketing is where your brand personality is grown over social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin stand as the most powerful social networks today. Since a majority of your audience is going to be socializing heavily on these platforms while the outbreak is active, you gain a huge advantage to market your brand and its offerings. You get an opportunity to communicate with a more than usual volume of an audience which also contains warm leads. A social media marketing company can help you grow brand awareness and revenue while utilizing the power offered by these social networks.

SEO & SEM: While both B2B and B2C consumers will be staying indoors, they will relying on search engines for fulfilling their needs if they are not sure about what they want or if they want to consider multiple options and zero down on the best. Also, voice assistants will be accessed too which in turn, rely on search engines to bring you results. At this point, it is mandatory for you to be on top of the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs) so that your credibility and the chances of you being perceived as a reliable supplier or a service provider will be high.

Website Design and Development: Having a website is very crucial during the initial stages of establishing a digital brand presence. A good website offers an insight into the offerings of the brand, is aesthetically attractive and in most cases, is able to convert customers effectively. Initially while building a website, a space on the internet is bought for the website customer-centric design is carried out with thorough research. Once the design is laid out in a blueprint-like representation known as a mockup, development using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress, etc is carried out. Deep testing is done and then finally the website is done. The foundation of the SEO planning and execution is a well, designed and developed website. Also, ads use websites or micro websites which are called landing pages as a destination for the converted customer. Therefore if you are going to embark on a journey to reign the World Wide Web, a website is mandatory!

Email Marketing: Email Marketing is where customers who have consented to receive emails from you are emailed content to consume and marketed the offerings of your brands. Email Marketing has proven to provide an exponential ROI for businesses. Also, email marketing builds a reusable contact list of your leads and customers. This email list acts as a very valuable asset for businesses of all kinds and sizes.


The outbreak is not all gloom and doom. Your business still can navigate through these tough times and thrive by going digital. When your business goes digital, that’s where Digitactix will play an important role. Digitactix, a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, has helped a lot of businesses build their digital presence and make revenue beyond expectation, from sports brands to fashion, IT to furniture. Get in touch with us to talk more about your requirements and join hands with us to make it till the end safe and sound.

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