Email Marketing: The Unsung Hero of Revenue Growth

by digitactix-team Sales & Marketing

Email Marketing doesn’t usually receive the right amount of credit for the value it provides. However, this marketing channel has a lot to offer. But what is email marketing? Email marketing is a technique of marketing where content is sent or offerings are marketed through emailing. Customers are invited to be a part of a list that consents to receive marketing emails from your brand. Eventually, campaigns are carried out of sending emails to these leads, also known as subscribers of your mailing list. Usually, companies team up with a digital marketing company to carry out these campaigns. These companies execute email marketing campaigns for a number of diverse requirements hence they are well versed with this marketing channel. Email Marketing, if done right, has the potential to boost your marketing activities and help you achieve your revenue and marketing goals faster compared to other channels. Take a look at the list of benefits it offers:

Save on Costs:

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels you can ever find in 2020. Email saves you the paper, printing and the huge delivery costs associated with sending out pamphlets and physical marketing mails. Also, you are working with an eco -friendly marketing alternatives to physical mails. It also saves you a huge amount of time that you would usually invest in sending out physical mails and waiting for a response from a lead and following up on the same. You also save up on time while building content as well, both illustrative and textual. Various tools like MailChimp give you an accurate idea about what works by providing statistical analytics.

Connect with warm leads:

When you maintain an email list, you bring in an arsenal of warm leads. Why does this happen? When visitors on your site or social media handle subscribes to your email list, they do so because they are interested in consuming your content and consent for the same. Once these visitors have been added to your list, you can regularly send them valuable content and market your products and services.

The power of personalization:

In 2020, when it comes to shooting emails, your imagination is the limit. In terms of both design and of course, content, you have a lot of control over what you want to communicate with your audiences. Just like how web pages can be designed using code, email marketing can be your new playground. However, HTML used in web pages and email are different from each other. Email HTML stands as a stricter version of the usual webpage HTML we know. However, email builders like MailChimp can be used to structure your mails well and save them from getting filtered into the spam folder.

A valuable asset that creates revenue:

As we talked about it earlier, Email Marketing helps you to generate revenue by efficiently marketing your goods and services. But guess what? When you build lists for email marketing, you slowly build another revenue-generating asset! If you carefully build a good email list with an ad audience relevant to your niche consuming content, you can not only market your offerings but can also advertise the products and services of other brands. That way, you always fall in a win-win situation.


Emails are considered as a formal means of communication and we all know that when it comes to digital communication. Emails carry more weight than others. Sending valuable content in a well-designed email will help you build a sense of trust and loyalty in the minds of your audiences. Also, since you will ensure that your mails are not going to be filtered in the spam folder, it shows that your emails and brand are trustworthy. This will also improve brand value.


Remarketing is the technique of bringing back the customers you lost in between a conversion. Email Marketing can work wonders when it comes to bringing back customers. For example, A user adds a particular product on your e-commerce website to the shopping cart. Due to some reason, the user closes your website and abandons the occupied shopping cart. That’s when we can reconvert the customers by sending them emails about the abandoned cart and convincing them to make their purchase soon. Email marketing is known to be a powerful way to reconvert leads. Sending three abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than a single email (source: Omnisend, 2018).

Higher Conversion Rate:

Email Marketing has proven to provide $42 of Return on the Investment of a dollar! (source: DMA,2019) Yes, you read it right. There are quite some factors that lead to such a high ROI. As we said before, email marketing is a very personalized form of communication. There are more than 2.9 billion email users worldwide and, according to insights by McKinsey & Company, the average employee spends 28% of the workweek on emails. So it’s pretty safe to say that shooting out emails to people can come back to you like a boomerang with a lot of value attached to it.


Email Marketing activities must be focused on in 2020. A lot of people, even your colleagues might tell you that email marketing is an outdated method and it doesn’t work anymore, but facts and statistics have proven that this isn’t true. We can conclude that this channel adds huge value to your marketing efforts. Therefore when you plan to outsource email marketing to a team. It is very important that you contact the right people for this job. That’s where Digitactix will help you. Digitactix is a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that, along with other online marketing services, possesses a team that has great expertise and skill in email marketing. We understand how crucial these emails can be for the success of your business and therefore we hire the best professionals who can plan and execute accurate and explosive email marketing campaigns to give you the best results. Get in touch with us to talk more about your requirements today!


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