Google’s May 2020 Core Algorithm Update: It’s Easy If You’re Smart

by digitactix-team Sales & Marketing

In May 2020 Google rolled out their latest Core Algorithm Update. Google releases their updates quite a few times in a year. So these updates are nothing new to the best SEO experts in India

But this latest update is a pretty big one. Let’s get into it to explore the possibilities and shake-ups it has brought into the plate of the organizations. 

Google’s Core Update? What is This?

For the past several years, Google has been releasing its core updates. According to the officials, these are the significant and broad changes to Google’s search algorithms and systems. 

The changes are specifically created to ensure that Google is providing relevant and authoritative content as a result of any search. The updates are designed to improve the quality of our search results. 

Google doesn’t want to present superficial or pointless content to its users. Their mission is to deliver original, relevant, and informative search results that can add value to the user’s lives.  

This is the reason why Google keeps updating their algorithms frequently. 

Let’s Unveil the May 2020 Core Update

Earlier this year, in January, Google released another core algorithm update. Since then the digital world has witnessed some radical changes. 

But according to the top digital marketing company in India, unlike January updates, the May updates are stronger and more impactful for SERPs and rankings. The impacts are as follows: 

  • Rankings have Become Uncertain for Some Niches

A lot of the niches have experienced uncertain rankings after the recent core update rolled out. These are Travel, Real Estate, Health, Pets & Animals, People & Society, etc. This result is true in both desktop and mobile search cases. 

  • Large Fluctuation in SERPs 

Generally, broad core algorithm updates are created to bring about clear changes in search results across countries and languages. The May update is also the same. There’s been a larger fluctuation in SERPs than the previous one, indeed. 

  • There are Some SERP Champions, Too!

Although there is a lot of unrest in SERP rankings, some of the niches have also got a chance to become SERP champions. After the new update has rolled out, News Websites gained the topmost positions, followed by the websites of Business & Industrial and Online Communities (source: The Hoth).

Blown Away by the Latest Shot? What Now?

Whatever may be the scene, first thing, don’t panic.

Google has always been very non-descriptive about their updates. So it’s essential to note that if your website has been blown away by Google’s latest core updates, there’s nothing much you can do to fix them.

The only thing you can do to navigate through the situation is to optimize your content thoroughly. Google has always stressed the importance of having quality content on your website. 

The more value your content will provide to the users, the better your SERP rankings will get. So if your website is facing such issues, the lead providers of the digital marketing services in India can help you with the following. 

  • Renovate Contents Frequently

Assess and reassess your contents frequently and update them as and when necessary. You can consider the following questions to your content to evaluate their quality.

  1. Is the content organic, informative, and provide insightful analysis to the readers?
  2. Can it be referenced by authoritative websites?
  3. Is content well-researched, trustworthy, and error-free?
  4. Does the content provide value to the readers and help them through the buyer’s journey?
  5. Is the headline properly used and the content compelling?

Now that you’ve evaluated the content and assessed their quality, you can easily update the content to enhance its usefulness. 

Apart from that, you can also ask friends or colleagues to evaluate the content impartially and review Google’s E – A – T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthy) standards. 

  • Rectify SEO Errors

Contents with SEO errors have a great chance to lose rankings on SERP. So the best seo experts in India suggest you scan through your website contents thoroughly and check if there’s any duplicate meta descriptions, title tags, or any other piece of contents in it. 

As soon as you find any duplicates try to remove it right away with the original piece of content. This way you can aid your website’s SEO process and higher it’s ranking. 

Also, there are some famous online tools to find duplicate content. So you can easily utilize them and eliminate the replicas from your website.

  • Revise Thin Contents

Thin content on your website can also be a determining factor of the SERP rankings. You can access the online tools to check if the density of your website’s content is affecting its ranking and fix them accordingly.

Also, you can evaluate the content by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Does the content really need more added words?

The top digital marketing company in India suggests you consider the content from a user’s perspective. How satisfied will a user be with reading the content? If the existing content is compelling enough with relevant images or videos and gives excellent user experience, you don’t need to add more words to it. Add words only when it’s needed.

  • How much content does your competitor’s website have?

Check the similar websites that rank on the first SERP. How much content do they have? By doing this you’ll get an idea if you need to expand your content or not. If your top competitors have elaborate content on their websites, you must add more and better content to your website to outrank them. 

  • Does the content provide enough value to the viewers?

If your webpage does not provide enough value to your target audience, there’s no need to keep that page. Assess your contents keeping in mind the user’s perspective and modify your website accordingly. 

Why Worry About Google’s Core Update? Digitactix is Here to Help!

Google’s aim is to create an excellent experience for the users. They keep updating their core algorithms several times a year to advance the quality of the search results. 

So if your website’s ranking and traffic have dropped after May 2020, you can follow the content related tactics. This way try to provide more value to the users. 

Still, if you can’t reach your goal, Digitactix can elevate your website content and SEO strategies to seize the first position on SERP for your brand. Our digital marketing professionals can craft the best game plan for you to earn your desired benefits.  

Contact us now to schedule a free consultation and see how we skyrocket your success instantly!

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