Infographic Marketing in 2020 : An Ultimate Guide

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It’s a well-known fact that Infographics are a great way to engage your audience. And the best digital marketing company, all over the world, uses it as a powerful tool to market their client’s business.

But still, there are some budding marketers who wonder how to include it in their marketing plans. For them, we’ve composed this all-inclusive guide on Infographic Marketing.

So if you’re one of them, get your favorite drink, shut the door, and keep reading!

What is an Infographic?

The name Infographic is a clipped mix of the words “information” and “graphics.” So as the name suggests, it’s a graphical version of images, facts, figures, and knowledge. It’s used to share tricky information to the target audience in a quick and compelling way.

What is Infographic Marketing?

Infographic marketing is the process of using infographics to build brand authority. Digital marketers across the world use this tool to promote brand awareness, gain exposure, and build powerful links for the brand.

Although you’ve heard that infographics are a valuable tool for marketing but wonder about your exact gains from it. Here we’ve shared some insight into how infographics can help your brand grow. So read ahead!

Why Should You Leverage on Infographic Marketing?

The top graphic design companies in India use infographics to give their target audience an easy brief of any topic. Besides, 65% of brands use infographics as one of the major tools of marketing (source: Venngage).

Thus it helps brands draw the attention of the clients and get maximum exposure. Additionally, there are other benefits of infographics marketing, too. So let’s check the following.

Raises the Sales Bar

A human brain is fond of infographics rather than texts and can retain the message it serves for a longer time. So infographics can easily create a lasting impact on your target audience, indeed.

You can educate your future buyers about your product. This in turn draws their mind towards your brand, boosts organic visitors to your website, and increases your sales.

Builds Powerful Links

Further, infographics that are built with stunning design and data are sure to tempt the viewers and make them visit your website more. More visits naturally get more shares and references. Also, it draws more clicks than any textual contents and thus it builds powerful links for your website.

Certifies Brand Authority

Wise marketers of the top social media marketing agency in the country use infographics to flaunt your brand among the target audience. It educates your to-be buyers why they should choose your brand over others in the market.

Apart from that, it also helps to build your brand authority. However, you need to follow a proper content distribution strategy to become certified as an expert in your niche.

Boosts Social Sharing

In addition to the above facts, infographics earn 3X more shares on social media than any other content (source: Venngage). Among other contents, these are the most shareable assets because they give messages in a short and precise way. It also has a chance to reuse and drive further engagement from the content.

Powerful Tips for Infographic Marketing

So it’s clear that if you include infographics in your marketing strategies, you’ll definitely get a surge in your brand’s engagement and sales. Meanwhile, we’ve shared some practical tips for better infographic marketing, check them too.

Keep it Simple and Focused

To win the game of marketing, you must keep your infographic specific, relevant, and aimed. Present a hard idea into simple designs, use proper facts, and stay focused on a single topic. Maintain a decent balance between the visual and textual messages as well. Your marketing strategy will definitely work out.

Optimize the Image and its Size

Infographics, if not properly optimized, will not bring desired shares and traffic to the website. Neil Patel, the owner of a famous digital marketing company, suggests that the ideal length of an infographic should be 8,000 pixels and the size within 1.5 MB. Also, make sure all the texts can be easily read.

Create a Catchy Headline

Again, strong infographic marketing always has a catchy headline for the visual. A good headline will explain the message easily, draw eye-balls, and is simple enough to learn at first sight. Even Neil Patel says 70 characters for the headline is a good length.

Use Proper Data and Mentions

Check, double-check, and recheck the data and stats to provide the right facts in your infographic. Make sure the facts and figures are true and the source is reliable and up-to-date. Also, never forget to cite the sources. This helps to establish your brand’s credibility.

Follow Proper Promotional Ways

Also, infographics don’t get viral themselves. You have to promote it on various platforms to gain popularity. This is how the top social media marketing agency makes their infographics viral. Indeed, they use proper tactics for promotion, like reaching out to strong sources to ask them to feature your infographic, making them shareable with social plugins, and asking the users to share it.

Wrap Up

In brief, infographics are among the best ways to impart your brand story. These are great for presenting data and stats in a visually appealing way. Hence, it increases your traffic, subscribers, and sales.

Also, it lets your future customers know how you’ve helped your client. So, to make your infographic marketing fruitful, follow the simple yet vital tips and put on a little thought.

Want more design tips and insight into infographic marketing? Talk to us and know what plan works best for your brand.

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