Content Writing: 15 Successful Ingredients that Drive Traffic

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If I wish to know “how appealing is your online content in leading fresh traffic to your website?” and your say is “not much” then this blog is for you. According to the top providers of content writing services in India, these 15 strategies are the most effective in getting significant outcomes.

So, keep reading to get the best out of content writing!

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing refers to the method of planning, writing, and arranging contents, specifically for online marketing purposes. It includes writing articles, blog posts, scripts for videos, and podcasts for different online platforms.

A content writer spends time researching, creating engaging content, and editing online copies for a vast range of subject matters to provide proper information to the target audience.

Types of Content Writing

To date, “content writing” is limited to “writing articles” to most of the people. But content writing has a vast range and can be expanded to different content formats like:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Web Page Copies
  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Scripts
  • Industry-specific Technical Writing
  • Email Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Keynote Speeches
  • YouTube Video Descriptions
  • Podcast Titles etc. and more.

In other words, writing is the groundwork for any type of content you want to circulate on the internet. And whatever may be the format, the right content will drive traffic, engagement, and conversions to your site for sure.

Now, let’s dive into the 15 most effective content writing strategies that’ll help your business get the most desired results.

What is the Best Content Writing Strategies to Drive Traffic?

According to the leading content writing agencies in Mumbai, creating remarkably appealing content will help your website draw your target audience. Apart from the writing efficiency, there are some other sides that also need to be taken care of.

So let’s get the ball rolling!

1. Start with Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of any high ranking website. So whenever you’re planning to write the content of any format, start with extensive keyword research. Keep your focus on those keywords and build your website around them.

The keywords can be of any length. But generally, long-tail keywords are great for driving traffic and have less competing than others. So make sure your content is written on the keywords that are highly relevant to your business. That, in turn, lets your content attract relevant traffic to your website.

2.  Craft Magnetic Headline and Introduction

Most of the visitors only afford 15 secs in reading an article before they leave the site (source: Backlinko). So, within such a short span of time, the heading and the introduction of the article can create a real difference.

A study among 900 million articles has revealed that headlines between 14-17 words are best for getting shares (source: Backlinko). So try to create compelling headlines to attract eyeballs. The use of short introductions of 4-6 sentences is great for drawing people’s interest.

3. Think of Writing for a Single Person

The leading social media marketing agency with content services has also shared some valuable insights. While writing an article or blog post, visualize that you are talking to a single person and sharing your views. Use the word “you” instead of anything else for addressing the person. This makes your content more powerful.

According to Jonathan Goodman, the founder of ViralNomics, the word “because” is the most powerful word in the English Language, while “you” is the most important word for blogging (source: Neil Patel). The reason behind this is that people are ultimately interested in achieving their own needs. So the value you provide them with your content is what matters to them the most.

Obviously, if you provide value to your audience, they’ll start to care about you. They will trust you more, link to your content, share it on their social media networks, recommend your offerings, and refer their peers to your website.

So while writing, shift your attention from yourself to your readers. Reduce the use of “I” or “me” and focus more on “you” so that your readers know you care more about them, not your own pocket.

4. Connect the Tone with Your Target Audience

The tone is such an aspect of writing that brings strength to your content. A writing tone can be formal, informal, serious, playful, ironic, and so on. So use tone as per the subject in your content.

According to the top providers of content writing services in India, informative, useful, and trustworthy content can more efficiently draw relevant traffic to the website. Also, an entertaining writing style can draw more attention from the target viewers than others.

5. Leverage External Data and Go into Detail

External data are something that you can get from industry blogs, online publications, online surveys, etc. The data don’t primarily come to you, but it can be a great element for your content strategy. The more relevant data and statistics in your content, the more interested your audience will be to dive deeper into it. Besides, you should never forget to mention the exact source of the data you are providing in your content.

6. Easy To Read and Share

Contents that are super easy to read and share generally drive lots of organic traffic to the website. The leading social media marketing agency in India that also provides the best content marketing services, also suggests the same.

No one likes content that is difficult to understand. And people always like to share information that they find easier to learn. So the diction of content should be so lucid that even a 12-15 years old boy can understand your offerings. Thus it’ll get more share and in turn, drive more fresh traffic to your website.

7. Use Some Visuals

The human mind responds to visual assets more than written content. In fact, nearly 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing (source: Neil Patel).

So using relevant and catchy visual assets like infographics, video, Slideshare presentations, etc. in your content are the part of a wise content strategy. These can boost the perceived value of your content in a dramatic way.

Online business owners who share infographics are reported to grow their traffic around 12% more than the others (source: Neil Patel). Infographics are great assets for generating more shares, authority links, organic traffic, and brand awareness, indeed.

8. Must have a Clear Goal

Each piece of the content you write must have a clearly defined purpose. You must identify how the content can serve your target audience and write accordingly.

9. Stay Consistent

According to the best content writing agencies in Mumbai, you must stay consistent with your brand’s voice and values in your content across the online platforms. This fuels your target audience connection and easy identification with your business.

10. Storytelling

Storytelling is a great tool to inspire, motivate, and stimulate your audience to take action. It aids the interaction between your clients and the brand.

11. Grammar and Spelling Check

Grammar and spelling are some of the most essential factors for creating great content. So never forget to check grammar and spelling in your content for better readability and building trust among the audience.

12. Use Calls to Action

If you want to create successful content, you must make it actionable to the audience. So never forget to use short, action-oriented phrases as calls to action that convince your audience to turn into prospective customers.

13. Content Optimization

Never forget the value of optimizing your content to ensure it remains relevant to search engines. Optimize each and every content frequently to provide consistent and up to date information to your audience.

14. Must have tons of Quality Backlinks

Having backlinks from relevant and quality external websites is another factor for getting more organic traffic to the website. So while creating contents always remember to have backlinks from high authority and relevant websites.

15. Edit, Refine, Improve

And last but not the least, re-read your content, edit it wherever it’s required, refine it and improve it more. Remember, no great content ever happens in the first draft. So put your effort into editing and improve your content more.

Wrap Up

So from the above discussion, it’s clear that the contents that get lots of organic traffic are properly optimized with all the above-mentioned factors. So if you wish to generate business with contents, focus on the points in these 14 points and offer a unique perspective to your audience. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Got some unique content writing ideas? Share it in the comments, join us, and Follow the Magic!

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