The ChatGPT Phenomena: What is it and how you can use it

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One million in the first five days, that’s the number of users ChatGPT managed to garner in its first week of operation, a commendable feat in an era where building even a thousand-strong user base takes years to achieve.

But how did it manage to do what platforms usually struggle with? Well, it offers something completely unique. Well, not completely, but it combines the functionalities of search engines, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and writing tools and wraps it in a user-friendly package.

And what do you know! From coders and cybersecurity experts to content writing agencies in Mumbai, everyone has jumped on the generative text train.

Looking to board it too? Well, let’s dive deeper into the nuances of this technology to see how you can make the most of it.

What is ChatGPT?

On the surface, Chat GPT looks like any other chatbot. You type in a query, and it generates an answer. But where it deviates from the norm is how intelligent it is. Yes, any question you throw at, it’ll have an answer ready. You can even customize how you want the answer to sound. Looking for a professionally curated LinkedIn post? It can do that. Want a freestyle rap? It can do that as well.

Simply put, ChatGPT is a generative text platform based on an open artificial intelligence (AI) system formulated and developed by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based AI research laboratory, explicitly designed to improve the conversational abilities of AI systems, especially different types of digital assistants and chatbots.

How to Use ChatGPT?

As is expected of any chatbot, OpenAI’s generative text platform answers all the questions you throw at it. It uses a feedback loop to power its learning algorithm. This means that every time you disapprove or approve of one of its answers, it’ll reinforce its learning, adjust its biases, and reset its parameters to answer as humanly as possible.

To use it, all you need to do is go to OpenAI’s platform, log in to your account, and start writing your queries into the search bar. It’ll generate the answers as soon as you hit the enter button.

However, to use it correctly is another matter entirely. If you write simple queries, you’ll receive simple answers. But if you go into the specifics and details, you can generate content that is as good as any average content creator.

But that’s the keyword here. Average. Because, at the end of the day, it’s an AI devoid of human subjectivity and creativity. To bring that into your content, Digitactix is here to help you. Opt for our digital media marketing services in Mumbai and take your marketing game to the next level.

For instance, rather than writing a query as, “draft an appraisal email,” you could write “draft an appraisal email in a professional tone from the POV of an XYZ professional, highlighting the responsibilities/reasons for salary hike.” The more specific you get, the m

Other Applications of ChatGPT

  • Coding
  • Unlike the past language models, ChatGPT is capable of comprehending and writing code. It’s even capable of addressing coding issues and assisting in the debugging process.

  • Developing Apps
  • As an extension of its coding capabilities, Chat GPT is also capable of building apps from scratch. In addition to general programming advice, the platform is also capable of providing example code that can be utilized during the development process.

  • Google Search Alternative
  • Think of Google as a digital librarian. It brings you links to all the content available on the internet that’s relevant to your query. For example, if you search on Google for the best “content writing agencies in Mumbai,” it will give you a list of relevant agencies (with our name on the top).

However, with Chat GPT, you’ll receive a curated answer on the topic, with all the information in one place. So, rather than visiting each and every link on the SERP, you can just run a quick query on ChatGPT and get the right, plagiarism-free, and on-point answer.

Summing Up

ChatGPT is undoubtedly an essential platform in this day and age; with a ton of use cases for business, coding, and marketing purposes, this platform has the potential to become the new-gen search engine.

In fact, Google, which has been the reigning king of search engines, is itself using the OpenAI platform to design its own generative text platform.

Also, no part of this blog was generated using the AI platform. We at Digitactix believe in the flair of human writing. That’s why we are amongst the best content writing agencies in Mumbai.

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