Graphic Design is the Show-Stopper in Digital Marketing! Learn Why

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Graphic design is one of the major parts of digital marketing that ensures customer’s engagement. According to the graphic design companies, creatives are mostly responsible for building brand awareness and stir the decision-making process of the customers. So in today’s world, from corporate branding to promotional items to website design and printing productions, graphic design has become a vital part of literally every business.

What is Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of creating visual content to impart messages to the audience. It is a perfect union of images, symbols, colours, words, etc. Creative and systematic plans paired with graphical bits and tools enhance the impact of visual art. Its purpose is to boost up the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas and thereby obtain the brand’s objectives.

Further, visual hierarchy and page layout methods are applied and typography and pictures are used to meet the specific needs of the user. Similarly, designers focus on the logic of flaunting elements in interactive designs to enhance the user experience. Thus the best graphic design company delivers fresh and creative schemes to make the visual assets get shared and stand out.

Role of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

On YouTube, we generally are drawn towards the videos with catchy thumbnails regardless of the content inside it. So thumbnails play a vital role for us to decide which video to play and which not. And this thumbnail is the creation of a graphic designer.

The same is the case with digital marketing, which, nowadays, is the best way to market your business. If done properly you can reach the right audience in a very short time and at a basic cost. All you need is tempting banners, titles, ads, etc. that can hit the target audience. Therefore, Graphic Design plays a grave role in the reign of Digital Marketing.

Also, while promoting a brand on any online platform, social media managers can’t ignore the power of compelling and eye-catchy creatives. So, to fascinate the target viewers and act upon their decision-making process, graphic designers play a key role, certainly.

So What Does Graphic Design Actually Do?

To explain the value of graphic design in digital marketing, let us look at the findings of a web survey. 32% of Digital Marketers, there, are found to claim that visual images are the most important type of content. This claim furthers to 27% for blogging, 24% for video, 9% for live video, and 1% for podcasting. Yes, you read it right. Graphic design, to a greater extent, is becoming a key factor in the success of businesses today.

Why? Let’s discuss this.

First, Graphical Images Improve Sales

The best graphic design company can create magic with their visual solutions. In Digital Marketing, visual arts, that are created meticulously, can lift the sales bar to a great extent. People get such messages in a roundabout way when they see logos, creatives, business cards, etc. This message brings them closer to the brand. Of course, we are not talking in vain! A recent survey has shown that there is a hike of 2.5% in sales for every 2000 business cards passed out. This is just an instance. There are a lot more such cases, indeed.

Second, Creative Assets Build Customer’s Trust

A graphical image of an idea is more convincing to the viewers than non-visual arts. People respond more quickly to the visual arts than other formats. Meanwhile, 65% of digital marketers claim that visual images are more efficient in communicating brand-story. Therefore, images, infographics, illustrations, etc. helps to build trust among people effectively.

Third, Designs Speak Louder Than Words

Further, another study has found that people generally can retain 10% of the facts three days after they hear. However, when they receive the same info with visual images, they tend to retain 65% of it after three days. So yes, when it comes to sending any message about one’s business, designs come first, and then comes the word.

The creative artists dream up an idea first and with the fusion of catchy slogans they air the brand message. Thus, compelling social media posts become easier for the target audience to dig up the idea and learn next.

Next, Designs Help in Delivering Brand Message

A heterogeneous business sometimes turns out to be complex for people. Often they fail to grasp the message and as a result, they tend to avoid the brand. So here graphic design comes as a savior. A good graphic designer can reshape your brand’s offerings into the form of reports, charts, illustrations, etc. So using these on your website or social media business pages or ads lets people catch on the message easily. Thus it becomes easier to keep in touch with the audience.

Also, Creatives Help in Driving Traffic and Generate Leads

Graphic design has the power to form piles of leads by driving numerous traffic to the website. And the best social media agency in Mumbai can add new momentum to the process of lead formation with visual arts.

A recent report has revealed that better content with stunning and compelling visuals can increase blog traffic by 2000%. Again, 60.8% of digital marketers say that graphical images are essential for successful marketing and business growth. On the other hand, global mobile ad spending may reach $247.4 billion by 2020, says a trusted source. So it’s clear that graphic design is a must for setting up brand awareness and whip up business growth.

Infographic is the Game Changer, Here’s Why

Infographic images are the innovative fusion of texts, graphics, images, data, and designs. According to the best social media agency in Mumbai, these are the most dependable marketing strategies these days. These compelling creatives easily draw the mind of the target audience. People can learn and digest the message displayed in it without much difficulty as well.

Besides, infographic assets present knotty facts to the target viewers in a visually compelling way, and thereby form brand authority. Marketing strategies with infographics include publishing them for SEO appeal, promoting them for utmost exposure, and thereby building effective backlinks. A study has flashed that infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any other facts. Hence infographics are the game-changer in true essence.

Tools that Graphic Design Companies Use

Striking designs that effectively connect with the target audience are essential for brands of all sizes. A good graphic design tool not only lifts productivity but also transforms creativity into real-world designs. Picking the best graphic design software can take a brand name to the next level indeed.

Here we have mentioned some of the best graphic design tools that the best creative designing companies use, generally. These tools are:

Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Indesign,
Coreldraw Graphics Suite,
Adobe Illustrator,
Affinity Designer,
Xara Designer Pro X,
Gravit Designer,
Photoscape etc.

Graphic Design Trends to Follow in 2020

Indeed, graphic design has always been an area of great wonder and interest to many. Now let us have a quick glance at the trends of graphic design that are ruling the kingdom of digital marketing in 2020.

3D depth and Realism
Monochrome colour filter
Shiny metallic design
Typography craze
Image and Text masking
Line art for clean touch
Collages of drawings and photos
Simplified depictions
Isometric depictions
Earthy colors: a sense of vintage
Patterns and textures
Geometric designs etc.

Wrap Up

To sum up, we can say that a good design, paired with a proper strategy, is the backbone of a business. Also, effective creative assets are the most useful way to find potential customers and ensure business growth. So which graphic design trend are you going to follow in 2020 for your business?

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