11 most powerful Link Building Techniques to speed up your SEO

by digitactix-team Sales & Marketing

What is SEO?

SEO is the clipped form of Search Engine Optimization. It is a methodology of link building techniques that the best SEO agencies in India use to increase traffic to a website. It is achieved by getting a high rank in the search engine result page like Google, Yahoo! etc.

Search engines seek to provide the best results to the readers. In order to do that, it scans through the top contents available for the keywords that a reader uses to search. SEO is the process that ensures a website or webpage ranks high in the search engine for relevant keywords.

Benefits of doing SEO 

However, there are many benefits to doing SEO for your business. It is among the most important strategies of digital marketing in India that is used to draw organic traffic to the website. Some of the benefits are: 

  1. To begin with, SEO helps to expand your visibility in search engines
  2. Then you can reach and engage more prospective customers
  3. By creating more SEO-friendly contents you can draw more organic traffic that in turn increases your sales.
  4. Also, it increases your brand authority, etc. 

SEO: On-page and Off-page 

There are two main ways for increasing the rank of a website; one is on-page SEO and the other is off-page SEO.  

On-page SEO

 On-page SEO is related to the settings that you can implement on your webpage to improve its SERP position. This includes keywords, anchor tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, page/post titles, internal linking, etc.

Tips for on-page SEO:

Below are some tips for on-page SEO that the SEO agencies in India use to get effective results.

  1. Proper URL structures
  2. User-friendly navigation like sitemap etc.
  3. Using optimized titles and meta descriptions
  4. Using optimized internal and external links
  5. Formatting the text properly with bold, italics, etc wherever applicable
  6. Using user-friendly 404 pages
  7. Properly optimized H1 tag and other headings
  8. Fast loading and mobile-friendly pages
  9. Image optimization, i.e. using proper image size, names, using Alt texts
  10. Using high quality and plagiarism-free contents

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, is related to the activities outside of your website to improve its SERP position. Link building, Social Media Marketing, and Brand Mentions are some of the principal techniques of off-page SEO.


Link building is the most trendy and efficient technique for off-page SEO. It is a process of getting hyperlinks from external websites. It helps in driving organic traffic to the website, which in turn helps in doing its SEO. Link building is a combination of sales, marketing and human psychology. People use these links to navigate between pages on the internet, whereas search engines use them to crawl the internet.  However, there are several link building techniques available with varied difficulties. A website without links will never get any traffic from search results or other websites.

Earlier, search engines, like Yahoo! etc., used to rank websites based on the contents of a webpage. Then Google came and their PageRank algorithm altered the game. Instead of simply considering the contents on the webpage, it started scanning the links associated with it for page ranking. And after so many years links are still most vital to determine the status of a webpage. 

Different link building techniques for your website:

Readers, all over the world, prefer web pages with contents of superior quality. So if your website is loaded with contents of a high standard, readers visiting your web page will like to read it and share it. Naturally, more shares will bring more external links to your website, thereby improving search rankings.

Link development does not require huge efforts, but it has a big impact. You just have to be smart and diplomatic enough about blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and other such techniques. So if you are not yet into building strong links for your website, we recommend you start now! Master the art of building powerful links and focus on boosting your link power.

Now, for your convenience, we have shared the most effective and powerful strategies for creating external backlinks of a high standard. These are tried and tested by veterans in the best SEO agencies in India and we recommend you use them to get desired results.

1 – Social Bookmarking Sites: 

Social bookmarking is a digital service that allows the users to add, explain, edit, and share bookmarks of webpages. It is one of the most popular off-page SEO activities to build good links, earn huge traffic along with branding, promotion, and indexing facilities. 

Social bookmarking platforms are good places for relevant searches. Naturally, huge numbers of people are drawn towards it for their required information, thereby increasing the website’s PR. 

These sites also rank high in SERPs. So, availing this activity will help you gain quality backlinks and increase your page and domain authority. You will also get relevant traffic to share your post which in turn can decrease the bounce rate.

Steps to Follow:

Below are the steps to use this link building technique :

  1. Open a social bookmarking site and sign-up with necessary credentials
  2. Write sub-page URL at the given place and click on Add Link
  3. Write your page title, keyword and a short description of the page at the required places and click on Save Link option
  4. Now your bookmarking page is ready. You have to keep the URL for further communications with your clients.

2 – Guest Posting:

Guest posting is contributing posts or articles in another person’s blog in order to build exposure, relationships, quality backlinks, and authority. This strategy for creating links is among the best seo services in India that are used by online marketing companies. However, there are a lot of platforms available for guest posting. All you need to do is to select the keyword you are interested in and search on Google writing.

The concept is to write blog articles as per the requirements of a particular blogger and earn a backlink in return. Bloggers are always looking for high-quality content to publish in their blogs and draw the attention of new readers and share with their existing readers. This helps both the parties, the business-websites who want backlinks, and high rank in SERPs and the bloggers who want to attract new readers. 

3 – Directory Submission:

Directory submission is a powerful link building technique. It refers to the activity of submitting the URL of your website and it’s detailed in an online directory under a certain category. This technique is the basic aspect of link building that helps in doing SEO. However, there are three types of directory submissions, and users can pick any one of them according to their needs. These are: 

  1. Paid Web Listing, 
  2. Free Web Listing and 
  3. Reciprocal Regular Web Listing

4 – Article Submission:

Article submission refers to the composition of articles relevant to your business website and getting them submitted in the famous article submission directories. The articles must be unique and have satisfactory information and a goal to circulate the quality content over the internet. 

In order to get high-quality backlinks through digital marketing in India, link builders advise article submission, as it earns backlinks from those sites that discuss similar content of your website. You can hyperlink your web page in the article that you compose to submit in the directory. The readers discover your article on that directory and visit your webpage or blog via the hyperlink in your article.

5 – Business Profile Creation:

Again, business profile creation refers to the creation of profiles on different platform’s websites such as forums, social networking sites, image sharing websites, ads, etc. It is among the best seo services in India offered by the digital marketing companies to build strong outbound links.  

These forums and such websites are of high authority and are always on the top rank on SERPs. They encounter numerous visits every day. So creating business profiles and enrolling your details on these websites give your business much exposure among the target audience. These sites show the online presence of your website to various platforms. So, using this activity you can present yourself properly and connect your business account to a number of platforms.

6 – Infographic Submission: 

Also, infographic submission is another important technique for SEO that internet marketing companies use extensively. These are the graphical representations illustrating some information or combined with some data. Hence, the reasons behind it’s popularity are that these are very eye-catching, interesting to read, and easy to circulate.

Infographics let a user understand a complex topic easily. The graphics used in the representation attracts most of the visitors, which in turn makes the post viral. The visitors also tend to visit the source of the infographics through the link attached to it. Thus it helps to gain organic and relevant traffic to the website sharing this.

7 – Make Meaningful Blog Comments: 

Blog commenting is a great way to exchange ideas and opinions among people about a topic or blog post. It helps to form relationships between blog posts, bloggers, and readers. However, the comments should be meaningful, and relevant to the content of the blog. In a word, comments should be able to initiate conversations and lead to the further development of popularity, links, and traffic for the website. Thus, blog commenting is another popular activity of the link building technique that the best digital marketing companies use.

8 – Forum Submission: 

Forums are online discussion platforms where people visit to learn and know about something of their interest. Bloggers demonstrate their knowledge about any topic on these sites with links of their websites and readers collect information. Appropriate and compelling posts get tons of share, too. Thus it helps to get backlinks, draw a lot of organic traffic and also reduce bounce rate as only interested readers visit the site. 

9 – Quora Question and Answer: 

Similarly, Quora is an online platform where people visit for gaining and sharing information. Here people connect with people who share unique insights and valuable answers. Simultaneously, participation in the question and answers on Quora can help them with building quality backlinks for their website. This is another best practice for creating strong links by the bloggers and the service providers of digital marketing in India.

10 – Competitor Backlink Analysis:

Competitor backlink analysis lets you evaluate your competitor’s website performance, number of backlinks they have, and their overall digital authority. A regular analysis lets you know how well your competitors are performing and the number and quality of websites linking to them. 

This, in turn, can help you to create guidelines for the activities that you need to perform to compete with them. This also can help you get an insight into the fact behind the rankings of the websites. You can use that information and create your backlink building strategy and find chances of guest blogging on the same sites.

11 – Social Media Promotion: 

Also, sharing content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. are buzzwords of the day. In fact. shares and likes on these platforms are the tricks that help your business grow like wildfire. Fresh and compelling contents give you new subscribers, fans, or leads. 

Sum Up: 

So then, these are the top off-page activities that serve as the best SEO services in India. Also, there are some other strategies according to the veterans and you can incorporate them into your SEO plans as well. You must consider the on-page strategies along with the off-page activities to secure a higher rank in the SERP.

And the list, of course, does not end here. There are a lot of areas left which you can explore yourself. Now dig into the matter and drop lines in the comments section. We love fertile minds!

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