Online Marketing: a blend of Technology and Creativity

by digitactix-team Sales & Marketing

Introduction :

Methods of online marketing have evolved. With the growth of technology and man’s increasing reliance on this, marketing has begun to move to the digital realm. That does not mean traditional marketing has lost its glory. It is still there. But internet marketing has introduced innovative and cost-effective ways to stretch a business to the global market. And in this way, it has started dominating the marketing territory, so have the best digital marketing agencies in India.

Marketing: switch from Traditional to Digital

Earlier, you could open up a shop somewhere in the town and by investing your hard work, dedication and capital management skills, you could make a huge profit out of it. But now, as time has changed, these traditional efforts are not enough for business growth. Now, for any business to sustain, online marketing is the most effective way, and perhaps the only one! With millions of potential customers online at any moment, web marketing has become the most dynamic and profitable way to reach out to the new prospective ones, convert them into new customers and also increase sales.

Marketing efforts require Innovative Techniques:

However, online marketing is much more than just creating a facebook page or sending an email. People every other day face a lot of messages related to marketing. But all of these don’t attract them, so they generally avoid these messages. Thus, for those businesses, the purpose of sending these messages are never served, they never get any favourable outcome and end up wasting their time, money and labour.

But, why? Why do they fail? Why do these efforts never give any results?

It is simply because they are devoid of any innovative techniques of marketing. There is no creativity involved in planning the marketing of these businesses. You can use a lot of tools and techniques but without proper planning they will never extract successful outcomes. So one thing is clear, Creativity and Technology go hand in hand. You need technology to express your creative ideas to your audience. And without creative inputs only technology can’t derive profit from any business. So the best digital marketing agency, with their team of expert strategists, blend creativity and technology in innovative ways to give your business wings to fly.

Creativity in Digital Marketing:

With the rise of technology, your approach to internet marketing strategy needs to be more creative to derive desired results. But often marketers over-rely on tools and techniques. And as creative thinking takes a backseat, the following mistakes take place:

Problems with pairing the right creative content with the data Problems with understanding the difference between creativity and innovation in marketing So, to address these issues and to create a right marketing strategy, you need to resort to the ideal approach:

First and foremost step is to determine the goal.
Then use the data, i.e. technology
Then apply creativity and innovation to obtain the goal

Your business requires a push of creativity:

When it comes to Creativity, most people think it is related to design. But it is not restricted to design only, as it involves creative thinking, too. This can be a powerful tool in marketing and business in general. In online marketing, doing things differently is the fundamental step to remain in competition. It involves the ability to solve problems with a new approach and find solutions in something that others find impossible. This gives you a new perspective and removes limitations inside your head.

You may not find yourself as a creative person, because creativity is a natural part in the brain. Everybody may not be born with it. But you can always stimulate that part of your brain by acquiring new skills. This leads to the expansion of your knowledge towards newer directions.


Now let’s have a brief idea why boosting creativity is a crucial thing for your business:

1. Creative ideas lets you find possibilities in something others may never look into
2. It helps you find exclusive solutions for your problems
3. Creativity lets you renovate your business regularly
4. It lets your online marketing campaigns stand out among the rest
5. Creative ideas also keep the relevance of your business with your customers
6. It gives you an understanding of your customer’s perspective and offer solutions
7. It improves your leadership skills and makes you flexible

Now some of you may wonder how to blend technology with creativity and innovation while implementing any strategy in electronic marketing? Is it, at all, possible to do so? Yes, I say. It is possible. To know how, you have to keep reading the article till the end!

Blend of Technology and Creativity:

In web marketing, the application of technology enters when we run campaigns and advertisements to collect data. We also use it to reach the target audience globally. These are the powerful tools used in branding, promotion and marketing of any business. But to get desired results from these techniques, we need to apply creativity to it.

Below I have mentioned a few areas where technology and creativity are unified to give optimum results.

1. Graphic Design:

We need attractive and compelling creatives and contents to engage people and convert them into customers. And the absolute creativity of a company depends on the creativity of the graphic designer. The best digital marketing agencies have the most brilliant and resourceful talents as designers. They offer highly imaginative and creative designs for proper execution of the marketing techniques to build your brand. The leading graphic design companies also serve businesses with the best designed concepts to aid their growth.

2. Content Marketing:

Apart from that, another important factor for the execution of creativity is content promotion. It includes proper planning and execution of attractive and compelling copies and contents to engage, as well as retain customers. Various tools of content marketing, like blog posts, video content, audio content, email marketing, webinars etc, require a perfect unification of technology and creativity to draw desired outcomes.

3. Website Design:

Another thing which demands a mention is Website Design. Just like the others I have mentioned above, it also requires a fine blend of technology and creativity; technology for Website development and creativity for website designing and content creation. It includes development of applications, design of interactive websites, creating ad banners and many more.

4. Branding Company:

So the branding company establishes a brand or remodels an existing one by combining creativity and technology, i.e. by applying innovative marketing strategies, collecting data, converting indifferent people into prospective customers and increasing sales.

Wrap up:

So what have we learned?  Methods of marketing have evolved and it will continue changing in the coming years. If you can not adapt to the new trend your business will not survive. And for that you need to comprehend the unification of creativity and technology in data-driven marketing and implement it in the growth of your business.

As far as the recent time is concerned, we are all stuck in the same plight, hoping to survive anyhow and resume our daily activities soon.

For the time being, I am into nurturing my creativity and training myself to be more optimistic about the future. What are you into? Put them in the comment section below. I’d love to know!


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