Social Media Rebranding: Essential Steps to Follow

by digitactix-team Social Media Marketing

Is social media rebranding on your radar? Well, sometimes a change is necessary. And social media is no doubt a great place to start your rebranding campaign. But the stakes are always high for businesses who’re looking to reinvent themselves. However, if done right, it could help you redefine your brand, set yourself apart, and connect with a new audience.

There are two ways you can do this. Either on your own, or engaging with a digital marketing company in Mumbai. If you’re going with the former option, here are some steps you can follow for a successful social media rebranding.

Social Media Rebranding: Essential Steps to Follow

1. Understand When You Should Go With Social Media Rebranding

Rebranding is much more than a mere logo upgrade. It’s an entire revamp of your brand identity. So, before you start looking for rebranding options, it’s best to review the reasons behind it. Here are some potential scenarios where rebranding may be a good idea:

  • Your brand has been through a major crisis, and you want to reset how your audience perceives you
  • Your business is shifting its core focus and messaging
  • You’re struggling to stand out
  • Your current target audience isn’t thrilled about your brand identity

However, don’t rebrand if you’re experiencing a slow spell in business, or if you haven’t narrowed down on a reason. And remember, don’t think about rebranding just because your competitor is doing it.

If done right, social media rebranding can become a soft reboot of your brand, allowing you enough room to re-establish yourself.

2. Conduct a Survey of Your Current Social Media Campaigns

Social media audits can be a chore. But doing it will ensure that your rebranding campaign weeds out all the inconsistencies your ecosystem had in the first place. This way, you won’t have to scramble for assets at the last moment.

Rebranding is a good opportunity to try out new social media elements. So start your rebranding strategy by identifying any new social media networks you could tap into, along with new formats to experiment with. Also, keep a tab on your current engagement rates. This will provide you with a benchmark to test your social media performance post rebranding.

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3. Update Your Style, Themes, and Create New Assets

The real creative work begins. You’re going to combine all your insights from the introspection, audit, and goals into building a new brand image.

Though it may seem easy, since it’s a straightforward task, it involves many labor-intensive elements, such as graphic design, content creation, competitor analysis, and much more.
Here are some things to work on during a rebrand:

  • Profile and cover images
  • Display names, usernames, and URLs for each social network
  • Templates for a variety of post formats
  • Copywriting for page descriptions and page bios
  • Updated descriptions and illustrations for any shop listings

And last but not the least, the logo.

4. Launch Your Social Media Rebranding Campaign and Monitor the Performance

Before launching your social media rebranding campaign, it’s best to plan the big day in advance. Start with advertising the launch in advance. Or, you could even surprise your audience. The choice is yours. But whatever way you choose, remember that you’ll have to answer a lot of queries and questions from your audience.

Once your new social media strategy is up and running, it’s time to monitor the reception. The metrics you’ve collected from your old social media campaigns might come in handy here for comparison. But you won’t see tangible results (positive or negative) right away. It can potentially take weeks or even months. The best thing to do is review the response from your audience, and take action accordingly.

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In Summary

By making the right plans and preparation, you can successfully rebrand your social media brand presence with minimal stress and disruptions. And ultimately, you’ll reap the benefits of a re-awakened brand.

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