4 Instagram Ad Tips to Take Your Conversions to the Next Level

by digitactix-team Social Media Marketing

Getting lacklustre results on your Instagram Ad campaigns? Well, at least 30% of Instagram users have made a purchase following an ad or post. That’s almost one out of three users. And with over a billion active users worldwide, Instagram is a huge gateway for expanding your brand visibility, generating leads, and driving conversions. It’s an opportunity that you want to make the most of. However, it’s easier said than done.

To help you create the best ad campaigns, Digitactix – the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai – has compiled a list of 4 tried-and-tested tips to help you improve your ad performance.

4 Instagram Ad Tips to Take Your Conversions to the Next Level

#1 – Keep Your Instagram Ad Messages Short and Simple

No one wants to spend their precious time reading an ad. So, it’s recommended that you keep your copies short, crisp, and engaging.

Whenever you post an ad, it’s displayed on a user’s feed with a sponsored tag at the top. This label reveals that your post is a paid activity, which users typically scroll away from. So, essentially, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the viewer. And hence, brevity and catchiness are of key importance when formulating an ad copy. Also, you can add eye-catching images or infographics to your Instagram ad to make the content more digestible.

#2 – Leverage Video Ads

Visuals are always better than text or static images. So, add a bit of motion to your ads the next time around, and you’re guaranteed to see a bump in your metrics. Also, GIFs are a good choice. The idea is that motion usually evokes more emotions in followers, which, in turn, enhances the chances of conversion.

However, to curate the best video and motion content, turn to Digitactix – the provider of the best digital media marketing services in Mumbai.

#3 – Add a Motivating Call-to-Action (CTA)

Instagram is pretty marketing-friendly, in that it provides a dedicated, customizable CTA button for posts, sponsored ads, and story ads. So, it’s misguided if you don’t use it. More than just using it, make sure you set up a strong CTA that guides users on what to do and how to do it once they’ve been through your ad pitch.

To do so, align your CTAs with the voice of your ad. Ensure that the CTA message adds context to your advertisement. In other words, doing so will make your ads more cohesive, and also showcases your brand’s personality.

Better yet, post your ads in a carousel format, as they’ve proven to perform better than regular ads, and they come with an in-built CTA – Swipe!

#4 – Define Your Instagram Ad Budget

The amount of time and money you put into your ad campaigns decides your return on your investment (ROI). However, funnelling a lot of money into your ad campaigns, only for them to underperform doesn’t make sense.
Your Instagram ad budget primarily depends on four primary factors:

  • Bid amount
  • Relevancy score
  • Estimated action score
  • Competition

The bid amount directly influences your ad budget. Bid amounts on Instagram are usually higher, which means you’ll have to spend more.

Meanwhile, you can start by setting a lifetime budget for an ad. Doing so will allow you to select days and times to showcase ads to your target audience as per the best ad placement time. As a beginner, you can invest in an ad management platform, which enables you to set the optimum budget automatically.

On the other hand, you can completely outsource your ad campaigns to a third-party agency. For instance, you can hire Digitactix, the best social media marketing agency in Mumbai, to run your Instagram ads and bring you better leads and conversions.

Your Turn

With these tips in your marketing arsenal, you are well on your way to creating meaningful, impactful ads that not only engage but also convert.

For any Instagram ad-related assistance, Digitactix is here to assist you. Get in touch with us today to know how you can conquer the Instagram ad space.

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