Instagram Marketing: 6 Tips to Skyrocket Your Instagram Reach

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Instagram marketing has reached newer heights with every passing day. With 1 billion active monthly users (source: Hubspot), Instagram is no longer for personal use. There are innumerable brands that personalize their content, showcase their products, recruit talents, inspire their audience, and build their business on this global platform. But for all these to happen, you need to increase your reach and engagement on Instagram. So if you’re unsure of how to get started on this platform and skyrocket your brand’s reach among your target audience, here’s a guide from Digitactix, the top digital marketing agency in Mumbai.

6 Instagram Marketing tips to skyrocket your brand’s reach

Instagram’s algorithm loves engagement. It means the more engaging your account is, the more reach you’ll get on this platform. But how to get more organic reach and engagement on Instagram?

1. Post carousel images:

Carousels are single posts that can feature 2 to 10 images or videos that people can view by swiping to the left. It lets you display a series of videos and images in a single post without making your feed look cluttered. This is a convenient way to multiply the chances of your exposure on this platform. If a viewer sees your carousel post and doesn’t engage with it the first time, Instagram shows the post again to the user with another image from that series.

A few carousel tips for better reach:

  • Don’t use the same image in the carousel post.
  • Use the best image first in the series.
  • Add short video content as well.
  • Also, use H2 subheadings for each section for better readability.
  • Use compelling copy and CTA.

2. Use proper hashtags strategy:

Hashtags are used to help your posts reach the maximum number of people for a longer time. This allows your content to perform better further on. With this, you can organically target the viewers that are specifically looking for some interests and topics. For an effective hashtag strategy for Instagram marketing, use a combination of hashtags like the following:

  • Trending hashtags
  • Fairly popular hashtags
  • Niche-specific hashtags
  • Branded hashtags

Although popular hashtags can be a good part of your hashtag strategy, you should not focus solely on them. Because they come with huge competition and your content is likely to get buried fast. On the other hand, using more specific hashtags might not help you reach as many audiences as the presently trending hashtags. But the viewers you reach with them will be more qualified and more likely to engage with your content.

Hashtag strategy tips for better reach:

  • Targeting a range of the sub-groups of different hashtags maximizes the reach of your content to a wider audience. Hence, use a mix of hashtags as we have already mentioned above.
  • Do a little research on the hashtags your competitors are using. From there you’ll get an idea of their Instagram marketing strategy. Also, you’ll know which hashtags they are targeting and decide if you want to include a couple of them into your own Instagram strategy.

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3. Write nice captions:

Captions are one of the key parts of any Instagram marketing strategy. So write a copy as if you want to give your viewers a quick overview of the product you are promoting. Start the copy with a crispy, clean, and snappy hook to catch the attention of the viewers. So when the viewers tap “See more” on the caption, Instagram will recognize it as a positive engagement.

Simple yet effective Instagram marketing tips for better captions:

  • Use caps and emojis to stop the endless scrolling of your viewers.
  • Format the first sentence of the copy as if you’re posting a blog article.

4. Add geotags on each post:

Although location tags are not so widely used, it is a very effective way to increase your engagement and reach to people who search within a specific geographic area. So when you create a new feed post, just tap “Add Location” to add your location. Based on the location setting you have and your frequently tagged posts, your area might already come up in the suggestions. If you don’t find it happening, you can select the search option to manually find the location.

Here are a few Instagram marketing tips for Geotagging:

  • While tagging, just be as specific as possible.
  • Select a street or business, not a broad location like a big city where millions of people post content. The narrower your focus area is, the lesser the competition you’ll have.

5. Use brand and account mentions:

Besides adding your location, you must not forget to tag other relevant accounts in your post. For doing this, just tag the people when you upload a new post. While uploading an image, directly tap on the photo to make sure the account it is related to, the tag shows up to it. While uploading a video, tap the + button and tag.

Mentioning a relevant account on your Instagram post will notify the tagged person. This way, people will find your posts organically whenever they browse through your tagged items.

Here are a few Instagram marketing tips for account mentions:

  • While tagging an account, include an @mention in the copy. People do not always find the tag on the image, but if you’ve mentioned the account in your copy and viewers read it, they can see the mentions in the copy.
  • Limit your tags to your relevant brands or accounts. You can tag up to 20 people although it doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and tag all 20 people that are irrelevant to your content.

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6. Share Reels and IGTV content:

Instagram reels and videos are a good way to boost your reach and engagement in this popular platform.

Reels and IGTV video tips to boost your reach

  • Get compelling content in the beginning to hook your audience.
  • Also, use an attractive and relevant cover image for best results.

Get more organic exposure through smart Instagram Marketing

Consistency is the key to get more reach, engagement, and positive outcomes through your Instagram Marketing strategy. Your followers should be able to recognize your posts whenever you post content. So use the same font, filter, brand colour schemes, etc. in every post so people can identify them to be yours. This minute connection among your posts strengthens the idea that all the images you post, work together for your brand. You can also ask your followers for more engagement and use a direct CTA in your posts. For advanced help, get in touch with us.

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