How do we drive 300X ROI every month for our client? Success story

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In a world where everyday people are lured by a lot of choices, the success stories of a brand can be the deciding factor.

Although we don’t usually believe in blowing our own trumpets, instead, we make our actions speak. And we’re happy when the testimonials from our happy clients speak the loudest.

So here we are sharing a happy story from one of our esteemed international clients, Blue Orchid Hotels, UK.

“Digitactix has helped us achieve the value and ROI with their smart online marketing plan. We have seen consistent improvement in both organic and paid digital strategies. Additionally, they have contributed ideas and actions to our company that have made our digital presence stronger overall. We appreciate all their efforts to make this a smooth transition and helpful team.”
— One of the Marketing Officials, Blue Orchid Hotels, UK.

So yes, another feather was added to our crown!

The path was not all roses though. Team Digitactix had to go that extra mile to earn this kind of achievement!

The list doesn’t end here, you’ll get to see all our happy clients’ words imprinted on our website.

And here we’ll discuss the case study in detail and show you how the top digital marketing services in India at Digitactix made this possible.

How did we get there?

By prioritizing our clients’ growth every day! It’s probably the simplest answer.

And we’ll tell you why.

Online marketing belongs to an impulsive industry. You must be able to seize your viewers’ attention fast and hold it for a long time to instill interest in them.

If you can identify the current trends, get a smart plan of action, and execute it properly, you’ll be able to reach your goal.

And here comes the expertise of Team Digitactix. We offered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to Blue Orchid Hotels. With both of these services, we aimed at growing our client’s business.

Be it a paid marketing campaign on Google, or an organic method of getting a high rank on the SERP, we always get the most result-driven plans, effective and trending keywords, and smart execution to meet the expectations and beyond. And here’s the outcome.

Keeping the bigger image in mind

Our goal has always been to deliver sustainable and accelerated growth for all our clients. Hence, by leveraging our digital marketing superpowers, we solve immediate marketing roadblocks for brands, plan a long-term strategy for better outcomes, and take the business to the zenith.

So keeping the bigger picture in mind, we proposed innovative SEO and SEM strategies to the client and brought out outstanding results for them. Keep reading the discussion below.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Digitactix is the leading SEO agency in India and we work as an SEO consultant to Blue Orchid Hotels. In SEO, we execute the On-page SEO, Off-page SEO for their website, create the entire content marketing strategy and help them execute the same to get the optimum results.

We also help them target the global as well as local audience to get more qualified organic traffic and leads to the website and boost the business.

Our dedicated experts keep an eye on Google Analytics, and Google Search Console regularly to track each and every activity for them. To monitor the progress, we also conduct weekly analyses of our efforts and modify them accordingly.

So today, all their target landing pages have a high rank on the Google SERP. Also, every month, the bulk of their sales come as a result of our most sincere efforts and hard work.

This way, we improve the brand’s online presence and ensure the best possible organic outcome for Blue Orchid Hotels.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Our Search Engine Marketing experts at Digitactix strategize the entire paid ad marketing for Blue Orchid Hotel.

With the best SEM services in India, wise strategy, and maximum accuracy, we execute Search Ads, Display Ads, and Call Ads for them and bring out fast and effective outcomes.

We had taken up the project during the Covid-19 pandemic and we are getting almost 300X ROI every month.

This way, both our Organic and Paid marketing efforts are helping the client reach their business goals and beyond.

So when the result shows up, we are overjoyed and can’t resist sharing it with you all.

Wish to grow your brand like this? Talk to us!

Digitactix is a boutique digital marketing agency that offers integrated online marketing solutions to brands of all scales in India and abroad.

For over the past 5 years we have been achieving major success in building brands with our effective online marketing services.

By applying smart marketing techniques, we collect data, analyze them, and use them for getting the best outcomes for our clients.

So if you are also looking to skyrocket your brand’s growth, get in touch with us.

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