The Gift of Storytelling in Content Marketing for Your Brand

by digitactix-team Content Writing

“Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”
— Robin Moore, Author
And with storytelling in content marketing, the wait is over.

Online storytelling, these days, has swept over the internet. With the human brain processing images 60% faster than words (source: Visme ), it’s ideal to use visual assets to create gripping narration tactics for the brands.

Even for B2B brands, these days 41% of content creators prioritize to improve their storytelling abilities (source: Elise Dopson). Thus, the content writing agencies in Mumbai, India and all over the world, have now adapted this trend of telling stories to their viewers for getting better user actions.

But not all contents tell stories, and that’s not even needed. So before we dive deeper into storytelling, let us explain what exactly storytelling is.

What is Storytelling in Content Marketing?

People love to learn more than just facts. They want such vivid and more gripping contents to connect and relate. And it is already proven that such gripping contents are much more likely to evoke responses.

This is what storytelling is. It is a narrative through which the content creators convey ideas to their target viewers. No doubt, it is an effective tool to create links between the customers and the brand.

Thus, the content writing services in India and abroad turns abstract ideas into something exciting that people can easily catch. This way they generate user actions and ultimately sparks conversions.

Why is Storytelling for Content Marketing Important?

These days, promo videos and brand narratives are the most common video types that the marketers create (Source: HubSpot). Why? Because it gives a lot of benefits to the brands, makes the content marketing plans successful and many more:

Real-life Stories Drives Conversions

As we have already told, people love to learn real life stories. So when you base your content on stories, your prospective customers will get more than only facts. They will be more encouraged to learn about your brand, the qualities of your products and thus will be ready to purchase.

Storytelling Makes A Brand Relatable

Meanwhile, a study by the Pennsylvania University has found that people are more keen to grasp stories than to dry statistics and facts. Even, the content writing agencies in Mumbai use storytelling in their plans to make their target viewers learn the content they are airing. Naturally, it makes a brand more relatable to the customers.

It Increases the Rate of Engagement

No, we alone are not voting for this. GrooveHQ had run a simple A/B test to learn if storytelling drives engagement. For it, they published 2 blog posts, one with stories, and the other without. And surprisingly, they discovered that readers spent 520% more time reading the content that had a story in it.

Storytelling Sparks Sympathy & Emotion

In a world where people are so busy, the best message is the one that sparks emotion in them. The message that makes them laugh or sad, inspires them to do something new or evokes sympathy, is the one that people like to get engaged with. So walking in the customer’s shoe lets you serve as per the user’s taste and spark conversions, indeed.

Storytelling Makes A Brand Standout

However, it’s so obvious that including storytelling in the content marketing plans, keeps a brand few steps ahead in the market. It’s the best way to set your brand apart from the competition in the market. Storytelling makes your content unique, your services exclusive and your brand stand out.

How to Use Storytelling in Content Marketing Effectively?

Okay, so you know the benefits of knitting narrative in your content marketing plan. Now it’s time to learn how well you can use the tool in your marketing initiatives. As the best content writing company in Mumbai, we’ve mentioned the best tactics of storytelling below:

Create an Integrated Brand Narrative

45% of a brand’s image depends upon what and how it talks with the audience (source: Digital Marketing Institute). So, to convey your brand value and the benefits it delivers to the viewers, you should create a unified and gripping brand narrative.

Use this key tool to express your brand’s story, values and special features etc. to your target and existing viewers. You can add stunning visual arts, infographics etc. to make the story more gripping.

In the narrative, make sure you cover your brand’s history, its evolutions, goals, key products, exclusive services etc. Naturally, this will make it easier for your target audience to relate to and engage with your brand.

Identify Your Target Audience

So once you’ve created your brand story, it’s time to define your target viewers. Try to harness the full power of storytelling in content marketing by streamlining your approaches.

As you clearly define your target personas, you’ll be able to make the most of the storytelling tool by providing the right story to the right audience. So, begin with a thorough analysis of your target audience and competitors.

Further, collect data of the viewers who are visiting your website, their location, age, income level, interests and other relevant choices, etc. Then, once you’re done, it’ll be easier for you to craft clear and gripping brand stories.

Leverage the Appeal of a Video

One video is worth 1.8 million words (source: Digital Marketing Institute). That’s why 85% of brands that leverage an integrated video marketing strategy gain success (source: Digital Marketing Institute).

Video is an all-acceptable format that spreads brand awareness and promotes brand story in a very entertaining way. It has got the potential to go viral, even in a blink of an eye.

Thus, by adding videos as a tool for storytelling in content marketing, you can truly improve customer engagement and leave a lasting mark.

Implement a Proper Content Distribution Strategy

Equally important is the promotion of your exclusive brand story among your target audience. Content promotion is just as essential as content creation. So prepare your plans properly for how you’ll get your story viewed and read and promote the stories accordingly.

Wrap Up

92% of consumers want the brands to make ads that feel like a story (source: Visme). So, as the best providers of content writing services in India, we suggest you create contents that are lucid and express a clear story for your brand.

There is much more to it. If you’re struggling to express your brand story among your target audience and get the most of your online presence, Get in Touch with us and see how we reposition your brand from the inside out!

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