5 Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords To Get Tons of Traffic Search

by digitactix-team Search Engine Optimization

Top 5 Long Tail Keywords benefits that bring tons of traffic search.

Long tail keywords are a great tool for driving tons of organic traffic to your website!

Does it sound absurd?

Okay, if it does, that’s justified. Because people mostly use short tail keywords that are highly competitive in their respective niche. And as a result, they usually struggle hard to rank their website on top SERP.

But you might not know that long tail keywords can do wonders when it comes to driving organic website traffic. Even the top SEO agency India and all over the world, suggests the same!

So in this blog, we’re going to share top 5 benefits of using long tail keywords for your website that are sure to drive huge fresh traffic and revenue.

So, to learn in-depth, just grab some coffee and read ahead!

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

We know that you’re here to learn the benefits of using long tail keywords. But before that, let us give you a brief idea on what a long tail keyword is.

So as the name suggests, long tail keywords are the keywords that are made of more than 3 words. These are more specific and not so generalised, unlike the short tail keywords. It’s focused more on the specific niche around which your blog deals.

Unlike the other short tail keywords, long tail keywords have low search volume. The traffic it drives is fresh and highly focused on the products. Thus the keywords are exceptionally efficient in generating conversions.

The top SEO services company in Mumbai, also, expresses the same view. Even the world-famous entrepreneur, Neil Patel, has shared that the average rate of conversions for long tail keywords is 36%.

Top 5 Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

So now that you’ve got an idea of the long-tail keywords, it’s time to dig deeper into the benefits of using the same. For that, we’ve shared 5 benefits with you, which, if you learn religiously and follow, will surely drive you desired results.

  • Less Competition, More Traffic: There is much less competition with the long tail keywords, even then, these are more productive in driving tons of organic web traffic. Its efficiency in bringing quality customers on your website also lets you outrank your competitors.

Unlike the short tail keywords, the long tail one is more specific and is less targeted by your competitors. Even, the long tail keywords cover 70% of the web searches (Source: Neil Patel).

Generally, the longer the phrase, the fewer websites match it, and the lesser are the competition. There might be a lot of search results available for your target niche. But if you target relevant long tail keywords for your website, you don’t have to worry about its SERP rank.

  • Easy to Rank : Long tail keywords are easy to rank because of fewer competition. The leading providers of the best SEO services in India have also pointed out that the long tail keywords involve less competition and get higher rank faster than the short tail keywords.

Long tail keywords describe better of what someone is looking for. So when any user searches for something, there are higher chances for them to find the product of their need. And when your target audience finds your website useful, chances of its high rank also gets multiplied.

  • Greater Rate of Conversion : It’s obvious that the users, who look for more specific terms on the internet, are more focused on buying the product than the one who does generic searches.

So if your website has long tail keywords, the viewers landing on it will be more relevant and interested in buying the product. Thus the long tail keywords more efficiently generate greater rates of conversion.

Also, Neil Patel has revealed that the long tail keywords convert 2.5% more often. So if you want to bring more ROI and win the strategy of quality over quantity, we suggest you invest in long tail keywords right away.

  • Aids the Blog Strategy : The long tail keywords help to advance your blog strategy as well. We all know that blogs are one of the best ways to rank a website on the SERP. So to aid the entire content marketing strategy, long tail keywords must be included in the title, URL and body text against proper context in the blog.

For more visibility, we suggest you use the focus keyword for tagging images and headers as well. This will also help optimizing your website for SEO.

  • Ensures Easy website Optimization : Using long tail keywords in your website contents enables you to optimize the website easily. It makes the on-page optimization simpler.

Also, there are few reasons behind it. For example, you need fewer of them on the web page, then few long tail keywords look more natural in your website content, unlike lots of short tail keywords and so on. Natural, lucid and easy to read contents offer better user experience and improved business conversions as well.

What’s Next? Great Content!

So now that you’ve known the type of keywords you need to include in the content strategy of your website, we suggest you do proper keyword research and target proper keywords for your website. Then, ask your content writer to insert those keywords and craft awesome content to generate the most traffic and benefits.

Even then, there’s much more to it. You must be feeling curious about learning more and executing the right strategy to drive tons of organic traffic to your website, right? So Get in Touch with us and see how we reposition your brand and skyrocket your business growth, easily!

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