Powerful Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing

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Email marketing is still the reigning king when it comes to generating colossal marketing ROIs. To put this into perspective, according to a Constant Contact report, for every dollar spent, organizations, on average, earn 36$ in return. That’s a whopping 3600% in ROI.

Moreover, year after year, the number of email users is growing dramatically. In fact, by the end of 2022, we’ll have over 4.2 billion email users. What these numbers show is that:

  1. Email still remains the most preferred way to carry out business communication
  2. And it’s a highly effective way to reach out to and woo potential customers.

Still, achieving success through this marketing medium on your own is no easy feat. Of course, you can easily outsource this requirement, courtesy of the many email marketing companies in the market today.

However, if you want to take charge of your marketing efforts, here are some ways how you can do that.

Get Personal, But Without Crossing Boundaries

Marketing is all about personalization now. Because, let’s face it, customers like brands that know and understand their needs and pain points. And it’s quantifiable.

According to Invesp, personalized promotional emails have 41% higher unique click rates and 29% higher unique open rates, when compared to non-personalized mailings.

However, though it’s valuable to grow familiar with your audience, you need to be careful not to cross the line. Using your customer name repeatedly in your mailers is a good example of this. It looks weird in your customer’s eyes, something which is counterintuitive.

Having access to customer data is key to achieving personalization. For instance, if you know your customer’s birthday, you can use it to forward curated birthday offers to show that you care.

But this is just one-way email marketing personalization can help. You can try and test to see what works for you.

Pick the Right Line and Right Time For your Email Marketing Campaigns

A majority of users open an email based on the subject line. And if it’s personalized, add another 22% to the likeliness to be opened. The secret is to keep the subject lines short and crisp. 6-10 is the word-count bucket you need to be rooting for. To drive the open rates even higher, create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Also, when marketing through emails, timing is of key essence. If you’re running an email campaign, increased open and click-through rates are what you’ll be aiming for. Having that in mind, you must send your emails at an optimum time to engage your users and drive your metrics.

That said, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to when you should send your emails. For instance, according to the tried-and-tested efforts of many businesses, the best time to send an email to people from the ecommerce domain is 10:00 AM on a Wednesday. However, for hospitality and retail employees, the best time is 8:00 – 10:00 AM on a Thursday.

The bottom line is that you’ll need to get into the head of your audience to understand the perfect timing.
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Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

Imagine sending an email to a potential lead, only to find out that the email looks bad on the phone, or doesn’t even load. And since many email users access their account on the phone, mobile incompatibility will limit user interaction, and ultimately, affect your email marketing metrics negatively.

Here are some pointers to creating mailers that look could across a variety of devices:

  • Use a bigger font size
  • Place all the important text in the center
  • Create one-column mails
  • Use a clear, easy-to-understand call-to-action
  • Insert small images
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    Parting Thoughts

    Other than these tips, you can also give away freebies, segment your subscribers, and reconnect with stagnant leads to drive your email marketing efforts.

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