The Role of AI in Digital Marketing

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For businesses, incorporating artificial intelligence in their day-to-day business processes has become somewhat of a rite of passage. In fact, according to a Towards Data Science report, 47% of digitally-mature enterprises already have an AI strategy in place. Moreover, a majority of executives believe that AI provides a competitive advantage, especially those that belong to the marketing department.

Yes, the widespread use of AI in digital marketing has proven how important this technology is to digital marketers. So, we at Digitactix – a leading digital marketing agency in Andheri – bring to you an in-depth blog about the areas where you can leverage AI for better marketing outcomes.

Creating Content


While AI isn’t that competent to be able to write its own political critique, research paper, or maintain its own blog, there are places where brands can harness it to create content that entices the reader.

The best part about this is that it can help you save a significant amount of time and money. For instance, AI is already capable of producing human-like content in the form of news and stories. How? By collecting and collating information and facts gathered after evaluating and processing thousands of information chunks spread across the web.

Well-known newspapers like Forbes and Associated Press already use popular artificial intelligence content creation tools like Article, Quill, and Wordsmith.

Simplifying and Driving SEO

SEO still remains a fool-proof, cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website. And automated, AI-driven solutions can help you out-optimize your competition. Here’s how:

  • Automating Menial Tasks: Though it has its intuitive moments, SEO can still feel a bit at times. Well, with AI, you can put most manual tasks, such as fixing orphan pages, self-optimize pages, and optimizing content.
  • SEO Content Creation: In some instances, AI can even create content that improves your page rank. Taking from the previous section, Natural language generation (NLG), an AI-assisted technology, has advanced to levels where AI tools can write hundreds of words of content, which read like it’s a human who wrote it, and not AI.
  • Developing SEO strategy: AI isn’t only limited to finding keywords for you. Imagine a tool that provides you with fresh topics to cover for content creation. Well, AI that makes this happen already exists.

However, even though AI can help you take care of manual tasks and provide some degree of intuitiveness, it still isn’t there where it can match the subjectivity and nuance of SEO experts. And more so when talking about our experts here at Digitactix – a renowned SEO company in India.

Digital Advertising

For some businesses, ads are the primary drivers of traffic and conversions and is no doubt one of the most successful areas to incorporate AI in. It’s employed across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google to provide the best possible consumer experience. These platforms analyze customer information, including age, interests, gender, and other demographic factors, to show them the most relevant products, enhancing the performance of digital ads.

According to IIDE, digital ad spending globally was estimated to be $455.3 billion in 2021, which is only expected to grow further. With artificial intelligence, marketers can discern microtrends and even predict new trends. Along with all that, marketers can also use AI to make strategic decisions about who they’re targeting and where they allocate their budgets.

Correspondingly, brands can reduce digital ad waste and ensure that their every penny delivers the best possible results.

The Bottom Line

With so many use cases of AI in digital marketing, marketers can enhance their efforts and drive better results, while automating manual, menial tasks and putting their intellectual prowess in areas that matter the most.

Also, for the human element, turn to Digitactix, a boutique digital marketing agency in Andheri – and fulfill all your marketing needs. Connect today to get started.

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