3 Valuable Tips For Fool-Proof Email Marketing

by digitactix-team Sales & Marketing

Let’s face it; email marketing efforts take a long time to generate results. And if your emails are ending up in spam folders then it might affect your email marketing ROI. And it would be a shame for your meticulously curated marketing emails to end up in the abyss of spam.

But with the right tactics, you can maximize the possibility of your emails landing where you want.

From finding a new prospect to sending marketing emails, email marketing companies put a lot of effort into converting a prospect to a paying client.

And to make sure you don’t fail, Digitactix has got your back with 3 tips to make sure your emails land with an impact.

1. Build your own email list

Having your very own email list is crucial and comes in handy while sending information like bills, security alerts, shipping information, etc. Using unethical ways like renting, or using bots to collect emails may seem easy. However, using these tactics may fail to bring desired results. Building an email list is one of the first steps toward email marketing. That said, it can be a bit time-consuming to build. But once you witness the results of an organically-curated email database, you won’t ever bounce back to unfair means.

As a business, you would always want a real email list consisting of people genuinely interested in your business. Having such a database ensures that your customers are engaged and generate better results in terms of sales and ROI. Building an email list from scratch may not be the quickest way but definitely the most effective method.

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2. Ask users to Opt-in for your email list

One of the most important steps while building an email marketing list is by asking your users to opt-in.

This can be done by sending a welcome email to your users and asking them to confirm their subscription to your email list, usually through CTAs like check boxes for subscription confirmation.

Using an opt-in email ID can assure that your email list only includes people who are genuinely interested in your business. Many email marketing companies fail to ensure this consent, inevitably leading to emails landing in the spam folder.

Once you ensure that your users have successfully opted-in, your email marketing campaigns have higher open rates and have higher chances of generating desired results.

3. Avoid spam triggering actions

To ensure your email marketing emails land right into your prospect’s inbox, authenticate your email through Sender Policy Framework(SPF), Domain Keys Identified Mail(DKIM), and Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance(DMARC) records.

Stay clear from backlists because getting into one would guarantee that all of your emails land in the spam folder, and that too across all email platforms. You can use online testing tools like mail-tester, unspam, etc. to check if your email is a part of a blacklist.

Marketers and salespeople in email marketing companies often use spam words that end up triggering spam filters on Gmail, irrespective of their quality and context. Words like free, offers, discounts, sales, etc. should be used cautiously to ensure maximum impact and minimum spam triggers.

Another simple yet most underrated way to prevent your emails from going into spam is not using spam-triggering keywords in subject lines and texts and proofreading your emails before sending them.

Also, using too much HTML in your emails is multimedia-heavy and is generally considered promotional in nature. An ideal ratio of 60:40 of text to media should be maintained to ensure your emails land directly in the inbox.

Landing Right Into The Inbox

Email marketing brings a unique challenge in maintaining engagement and generating desired results from your email marketing campaigns. Follow the above-discussed tactics to ensure your emails go in the right place at the right time and bring the right results.

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