Instagram Carousels: Drive Best Results with 6 Smart Post Ideas

by digitactix-team Social Media Marketing

Instagram carousel posts, these days, are performing great at creating viewers’ engagement on the internet. It is visual storytelling at its best that produces impressive results with feed content. Even studies have shown that engagements with carousels (1.92%) are higher than both images (1.74%) and videos (1.45%) on Instagram (Source: Marketing Charts). For businesses, using this new tool can maximize customer engagement to a great extent. Also, this feature is best at storytelling, decking up the feed, and optimizing the placement of ads, etc. So if you are looking for smart tips for your brand’s Instagram promotion, the top digital marketing company in Mumbai can help you with the most result-oriented plans.

6 Instagram Carousel Ideas for Better Marketing Outcomes

Instagram carousel is like an album where you can share a mix of images and/or videos in a single post. You can share a maximum of 10 images and/or videos in a single post. The video must be under 4 GB file size and less than 60 seconds. It looks like a slideshow on Instagram. Your friends can swipe through the album to see the images or videos that you share. So, here in this blog, we are sharing 6 attractive Instagram Carousel ideas for brands. Using these will let your brand foster great business outcomes.

1.Create a Booklet to Display Product Details

Sometimes one image can’t convey all the messages for the promotion of any product. So using the carousel feature on Instagram, you can show the entire message. Your target people just need to swipe to get a catalog of the whole range of your related products in a single post. Also, you can mention the product details and other necessary information in the carousel post and draw your target minds. The top social media marketing agency in Mumbai can help you with smart carousel ideas for effective results.

2.Show Before and After Series for Displaying Results

People always love to know the process of anything of their interest. This is the reason why reveal posts are popular on social media. So using the carousel feature, you can show your audience the entire process of transition in a single post. Before using the product through all the stages to the final result. If your business is service-related, you can also show how your services have changed the lives of your clients. Like if you provide digital marketing services, you can share screenshots from Google Analytics. So, you can display how your clients have seen remarkable results with your services.

3.Display Customer Testimonials

Also, using customer testimonials in your brand’s social media promotion can establish your reliability among target viewers. You can display the contents that your users have created. You can also show how your clients have used the product and transformed their lives with it. This way you can inspire your target people with real-world results.

4.Highlight the Key Points of a Recent Event

When you have a big event for your brand, you can always share catchy posts to drive user engagements. Use the carousel feature on Instagram to shoot posts of any big event on your feed. Try to mix up images, videos, and promo content for better engagement. Pick some key points of the event and show them on carousel posts on Instagram. There’s a lot more of it. Reach out to the premium digital marketing agency in Mumbai for result-driven strategies on the same.

5.Reuse Your Blog or Video Content

You might have lots of blog posts on your website. So why not reuse those old contents into a new carousel post on Instagram? Reusing old content in a new format can also save your time for content creation. So, try to recreate your blog or video content into new Instagram posts and drive engagement through it. Also, you can insert the related link to your website in the post and drive traffic to your website. How? Simply by putting compelling post content and asking people to check the link for more!

6.Foster Customer Engagement with CTA

Successful customer engagement is only possible through a proper Call to Action. So, use some prompt texts with images and add CTA. This way you can invite people to check for signing up or more exciting facts.

Make the Best Use of Instagram Carousel

Carousel posts on Instagram always add something more to the marketing efforts of the brands. Get the full benefits out of this exciting feature and see how you can skyrocket marketing objectives on Instagram. All you need is to master a few basic approaches to Instagram marketing. So if you’re wondering about the tricks more than we’ve shared in this blog, Get in Touch with us to learn more and derive optimum benefits from the same.

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