Content Promotion: Drive More Traffic with 6 Advanced Strategies

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Content Promotion? Why spend extra time promoting my content? I’m writing blogs regularly for my website, posting it on social media as well. Then why should I bother about more promotional plans?” — We get this kind of reaction from most of our new clients every time we approach with our smart content promotional ideas. And here’s how we educate them with our insightful knowledge and tactics on the same. You can also talk to the top digital marketing agency in Mumbai for more tips.

6 Smart Content Promotion Strategies for Higher Visibility & Traffic

The internet is a crowded place. Naturally, with 7 million blogs published each day (Source: First Site Guide), it’s easier for any content to melt into thin air. And here comes the content promotional plans. With such huge content combating to surface each day, it’s definite that however amazing your content might be, without wise promotional tactics, your efforts are entirely a waste of time. Check out the tactics below:

Leverage Influencer Marketing:

Developing relationships with influencers is a great way of promoting your content on the web. Influencers, these days are virtual industry experts. They have already nurtured a vast audience you’re trying to reach. So getting in touch with influencers will be effective for building brand recognition and credibility among viewers. Also, when you’re accessing the influencers, you’re saving your time for targeting, exposure, and nurturing your kind of audiences. Hence, identify the influencers in your relevant industry and try to approach them for better content promotion.

Put Valuable and Rich Comments:

The comment section of any post is ideally a great place for showing the authenticity of your brand. Generally, the comment section is filled with spam texts. So among that irrelevant stuff, putting a relevant and useful comment will catch the eye of the viewers. Also, building a nice business link is easier this way. There are a lot of authoritative blogs that spark useful and engaging comments. Find such blogs and start putting well-researched and meaningful comments that contribute to the talk. Try to avoid putting links at the first step. Build some credibility first, and then offer more insights by pasting your link in the comments.

Build Relationship with Guest Posting:

Guest posting is another key idea for building a strong traffic base. But here the posting will be on other websites, not yours. The websites are relevant but with greater audience reach than yours. Proper guest posting is a super-powerful way to establish authority and grow the audience. Although it takes a lot of hard work. But with the right website, your rewards are also high.

Look for sites with high Domain Authority and Page Authority. Then get engaged with the posts to link with the editor. Now, build authority by citing your ideas for the improvement of the sites and promote your published stuff there. This way you can also get traffic to your website. Reach out to the best digital marketing company in Mumbai for wiser approaches on the same.

Socialize More on Social Media:

With over 3.8 billion active social media users across the world (Source: Statista), the key to drive more visibility is by choosing the right platform for content promotion. Research well to know which platform your target audience uses. Also, understand which type of content is suitable for which platform and plan accordingly. If you can’t, experiment. Postings have to be done at the right time and with proper hashtags. Above all, be consistent with your postings. This way you can gain a lot.

Paid Promotion like SMM, SEM, Display Ads:

So you’ve known that the unpaid options like the above require your time, consistency, and patience. But paid promotion is the quickest way to place your content before the target audiences. Social media as well as search engines let you tailor your target audience. So you can define the viewer group you want to show your content to and pay for that.

Include stunning images or compelling videos for driving better impressions and engagements. Experiment with ads. Run more than one ad with different settings and strategies. This way you’ll get to know which strategy works well for you and where you need revision. For search engines, get your keyword list, prepare a budget, and craft a compelling ad copy. Before anything else, ensure that your efforts are heading towards driving traffic to an attractive and engaging landing page.

Get Access to the Power of Email Marketing:

Offer a way to inbox the latest updates and contents of your website to your new visitors with email marketing plans. It is a great way to get them back to your website and gain momentum to the process of brand-building. You can collect email addresses via some effective calls to action. Also, you can form RSS feeds to automatically let the viewers subscribe to your updates. Make sure you give an option to your audiences to Sign Up for getting email updates and it is not imposed upon them.

To Summarize,

So these are the tips on the Promotion of Contents that we generally share with our clients. Content Promotion is not as easy a task as it seems. Effective promotional activities require enough hard work, consistency, patience, and effort on your part. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines for getting optimum results with your content marketing plans. Or, Get in Touch with us for more info and understanding of the services and skyrocket your success, right away!

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