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In this fast-paced world, the growth of any business depends on how much it can expand itself according to the needs of the hour. And for any business to meet the goals, digital transformation is a must. A strong digital presence, wise strategies, and proper utilization of different marketing tools and techniques can only take the businesses to the zenith of success. And Digitactix is the top digital marketing company in Mumbai that has been serving the best ROI-driven solutions to the brands for the past 5 years and helping them to achieve their desired growth.

Common Challenges Brands Face

As expert online marketing leaders, we know brands face different challenges to sustain in the market and successfully drive profitable growth. Some problems that the brands generally face are as follows:

1. Staying Aligned with the Digital Marketing Trends

Businesses of any scale, face a lot of issues with staying aligned with the various web trends that change every now and then. But on the other hand, these changing trends help brands to outrank the competitors. Some important trends are:

  • Voice Search: In 2020 more than 50% of all queries were voice-based (source: Comscore). Instances of modern technological advancements like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. smartphone voice assistants are contributing to all the voice queries. The use of these technologies is interesting to the users as well as interactions with home appliances is very convenient. And as a result, these virtual assistants are getting popularity among the people which also aids the use of long-tail keywords in terms of SEO. And the entire thing encourages the need for SEO services from the best SEO agency in Mumbai.


  • Organic Content: We all know that in the digital marketing kingdom, Content is the King that rules. Based on the content and a few other factors any website ranks on the search engine. Google loves organic and fresh content. The more organic and useful content a website has, the more are the chances of getting a higher rank on Google. Copied content is a strict NO if you want your website to get the top rank on Google SERP. hence, there is a great demand for content writing services in the digital world.


  • Paid Ads: In this fast-paced world where we want everything quickly at our fingertips, waiting for getting noticed with organic search is something not everyone can do. Hence, for getting instant results, paid ads have gained immense popularity. With paid ads like PPC, CPC, Google Ads, etc, brands can get instant visibility in front of the target customers and invest budgets according to the clicks or activities, etc.


  • Video & Graphic Design: Over half a billion people are watching videos on Facebook every day (Source: Forbes). Also, brands that utilize videos are able to grow revenue 49% quicker than other brands. Besides, stunning creatives are the best tools to catch the target eyeballs. Hence, the demand for the best graphic design service providers is always rising.

2. Inappropriate Branding

Branding is a key differentiator between you and your competitors. Right branding approaches can increase brand awareness, recognition, and revenue to a great level. But improper branding can ruin the possibilities altogether. In spite of the saying, we always judge a brand by its cover. And for a brand, its logo is the cover, the brand’s face. So if the logo is not up to date, no business would be able to withstand the competition in the market.

Therefore, while developing a brand from scratch, a lot of things should be kept in mind like the type of business, brand image, brand value, vision and mission statement, etc. all these things are to be remembered while choosing the right brand color, font, designing the logo and the overall brand’s presence.

3. Weak Brand Communication

Building a brand without imparting proper communication is like creating a product but not selling it. Communication is the key. If your target audience doesn’t understand what you are selling to them, then what’s the point of selling? Brands must use the right terms of communication to get a strong and loyal customer base. Right communication is understanding your customer’s perspective and selling in a way that might inspire them to buy your product.

Hence, each and every communication needs to be customized as per the taste, thinking, preferences, and beliefs of your target audience. Poor communication is something that all tend to avoid. It’s the reason why brands easily lose engagement and gain adverse awareness. So, strong communication should be always spread while publishing any ads or brand message.

4. Getting Potential Leads & Driving High ROI

Leads management or developing business relationships with leads at the very early stage is the key to getting the desired conversion. Although all the marketing efforts are directed to bring more and more leads for the brand, not every lead is useful. 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales and improper way of nurturing leads is the most regular cause for this weak performance (source: Marketing Sherpa).

Only the leads that are genuinely willing to buy the services and are buying are qualified leads. They have a better sense of direction to what they truly want. Naturally, getting a few qualified leads is better than getting a huge number of false leads. A proper strategy for lead nurturing helps a brand to bring in more qualified leads that convert well and give it higher ROI.

So these are the core issues that brands face to sustain in the market. Now let’s dive in to know how Digitactix, as the best provider of digital media marketing services in Mumbai helps the brands to solve the issues.

Digital Marketing Services to Solve the Challenges

The team of creative professionals at Digitactix is always on the lookout to carry out thorough research and keep up with the best digital marketing practices. We leverage the latest trends, craft-wise plans, apply thoughtful approaches, and bring in better results with brand awareness, communication, traffic, leads, conversions, ROI, and sales. Our services are as follows:





  • Graphic Design,
  • Website Design
  • Website Development,
  • Branding,
  • Media Planning etc.

With these services, we strive to ensure that the brands are not deprived of being heard by the right audiences and are effectively developing better relationships with loyal customers.

Thrive in the New Normal with Digital Marketing

2020 was a hilarious year. We all have experienced a mixed feeling in terms of whatever we are into. A lot of businesses have sunk without trace, employees have gone remote, people are distancing themselves in social places, business meetings have turned into virtual calls, and so on. But despite the disastrous effect of the global pandemic on the market and economy, Digital Marketing can be a boon to businesses if you’re smart enough. How? As people have become accustomed to the New Normal ways of life, daily usage, and screen time for people worldwide have increased a lot. This is the high time for boosting your brand’s digital presence and gaining the most out of the current situation. Below are some quick tips that can help your brand to thrive in the new normal.

  • Define well your business goals and budgets.
  • Learn deeply about your customer’s needs.
  • Create value for your customers as far as possible
  • Stay loyal and consistent to your customers to get the same in return
  • Customize your services as per the changing needs
  • Strengthen your brand’s message for the shifting needs of your audiences
  • Utilize encouraging visuals and communications to spark sales
  • Create and share educational videos about your products and services
  • Build a positive relationship with your clients and address their pain points
  • Always spread positive vibes about your brand and products.

Putting All Together

In 5 years Digitactix has grown from 2 employees to 25 expert professionals, from scratch to over 300 happy clients worldwide, and several prestigious awards have also been accumulated. All because of the passion, foresightedness, and consistent efforts of the founder Ankita Gupta and the dedication and hard work of her exclusively chosen employees to deliver excellence to the clients.

Digital marketing is such an industry that all industries require to sustain, market, and experience growth. So if you’re looking for the best online marketing or Social Media Agency in India, Get in Touch with us and see how we fulfill your business goals beyond expectations.

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