7 proven tips to increase followers on any social media platform

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Let’s just be honest. Every day you check the number of followers on your social media platform at least once and wonder why it’s not increasing. You don’t admit it, but you all do. You try to get effective ways to drive in more followers to your social handles. And when you can’t manage it yourself, you look for practical tips from the experts.

So if you are reading this blog, we can assume that you are here for the same purpose. And let me just assure you that you are at the right place. Here we are going to share 7 practical tips to increase the real follower count on any of your online social platforms. So read ahead and follow them to make the most of your online social handles. For more insights, you can reach out to the best social media marketing agency in Mumbai.

7 Proven Tips to Increase Followers on Any Social Media Platform

Growing your social media followers is not an overnight task. You need to get a good strategy, put in consistent efforts, and do the necessary things. So before you worry about your follower count on the social platforms, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your profile follow-worthy?
  • Do you follow relevant users, brands, and influencers?
  • Are you actively engaging with your fellow accounts?
  • Do you share valuable content in a consistent way?
  • Are you using the right hashtags?

Now, are you satisfied with the answers you’ve just got? If not, check out what you must do to get more followers.

1. Create a follow-worthy profile

Real followers always take time to check your profile well before they follow you. They will go through all the information you’ve provided about your brand. And if they find it relevant, they will follow you. As we all know, first impressions are what matters. So getting a complete profile is the key to creating a nice first impression on your visitors’ minds. But how to get a complete profile? Here are the tips:

  • First of all, use a clear profile picture.
  • Similarly, get a relevant cover image.
  • Then, write a compelling bio.
  • Next, choose the right keywords.
  • Now, fill in all the fields that are applicable to you.
  • Then, create a valuable feed or timeline.
  • And use brand color while you share visual content.

2. Follow relevant brands, users, and influencers

There is an unscripted rule on social media, you give a follow to get a follow. But make sure the people you follow are relevant to your niche and are real ones, not bots. For that, you have to make a list of the brands, real users, and influencers in your industry and follow them on the social media platform. By following these socially conscious accounts, you are creating a path to know their social activities and in turn, grow your account.

3. Engage with your fellow accounts actively

Engaging with your fellow accounts on social media is one of the key tasks if you want to grow your followers’ list. For that you can do the following:

  • Firstly, actively participate in discussions on the posts relevant to your niche.
  • Secondly, share valuable comments on others’ posts.
  • Then, reshare other people’s posts on your timeline with some valuable remarks on why you are sharing this. Don’t forget to mention the original poster.
  • Next, send personalized welcome messages to your new followers.
  • Also, share customized messages with the people you follow. Let them know why you are following them. But be real. Don’t hyperbolize your messages.
  • Then, participate in open discussion forums like Quora, Reddit, etc. to answer common yet relevant questions. This way you can promote your brand on those platforms.
  • But remember, you should not be rude with your answers to avoid any harm to your brand image.

4. Share valuable content in a consistent way

There are some kinds of posts that generally get more likes, shares, and engagements and give you more exposure. And these are:

  • Data and facts that endorse people’s beliefs or question them,
  • Latest news and trends relevant to your industry,
  • Your opinion on some sensitive topic etc. Briefly, people like to consume contents that add more value to their lives.

You can always reach out to the leading digital marketing agency in Andheri for advanced help regarding the same. Another important thing to keep in mind is to maintain consistency while you post. Don’t just post and ghost. If you post on your social account once in a while and disappear for a long time and then reappear and do the same, people will forget you in no time.

Social media has become a very competitive place to get eyeballs. So to get followers you have to be consistent in your efforts. Create a practical routine of posting which also aligns with your daily routine and maintain that frequency thoroughly. This will create awareness among your target audience and get you, followers.

5. Pick the right hashtags and use them smartly

Hashtags are the main driving force on social media like Twitter and Instagram. Hence, using the right hashtags in your posts will make your posts visible to the right audience. This, in turn, will bring in the right followers to your profile.

Always do some research before using hashtags on your posts. Check the number of posts under each hashtag to know if the hashtag is still active. Also, you can create your brand hashtag and use them smartly to grow your followers.

Bonus Tips: Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also grow your followers by doing the following outside your social media platform.

6. Mention on emails

When sending emails to your clients or any prospective client, you can mention your social media presence and attach the links to all your accounts. By doing this, you are giving them a chance to get an idea of your expertise, and in turn, you are getting followers. And if they like your work there, they would want to work with you.

7. Attach pop-ups on your website

By sharing a pop-up on your web page and asking your visitors to follow your social handles you can create a way to get more followers.

Have patience. Good things take time

Whatever efforts you put in to grow your social media handles, one thing you must remember is that patience is the key. You won’t ever get tons of followers overnight. For that, you have to work hard and smart, follow all the tips we have shared above, and have patience. Only then you’ll get to see the good results. For more detailed insights, you can always get in touch with us.

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