5 Best Social Media Marketing Trends To Follow in 2022

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Like all otherworldly things, change is the only constant factor in social media. Here, what works the best today may lose its value tomorrow. New trends are emerging almost every other day. Hence it’s vital for any brand to stay updated and follow the trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Wondering what new social media trend will dominate in 2022? Worry not, with the latest news by the best social media marketing agency in Mumbai you will never miss a bit of the update. So keep reading.

5 best Social media marketing trends that will dominate in 2022

Boosting your business in 2022 will be fun if you know the right trends and follow them smartly. Here are the 5 best SMM trends to follow in 2022.

1. More live streaming for more engagement:

With people wanting more original and unfiltered content these days, live streaming is going to take the prime seat in 2022. It will help brands get traction in the algorithm and draw customers’ attention. And especially in social media, live streaming performs much better than videos and static images. Many brands have already leveraged live streaming and gained huge success.

So whatever business you might have, it’s time that you too start live streaming and harness the benefits. Maybe you can show your products, give a few descriptions, address a few relevant pain points, host a live event or simply answer a few questions of your audience. This will increase your customer engagement, connect more with your target customers, and make people want more to connect with you.

2. Paid ads will continue to grow more

If you have not yet started to leverage social media ads, you are missing out on a huge possibility of growth. Paid marketing places your brand right in front of your target audience just when they make a relevant search, thereby increasing the possibility to convert more. Make paid ads a part of your social media strategy today, if you haven’t yet, and see how it becomes a game-changer for your brand. Opt for the top digital marketing services in India for best business growth.

3. Easy communication will be the key

Modes of communication will be crucial in the coming days. And the easier it will be, the better outcomes it will bring. So get dedicated communication executives onboard, write lucid content and brand messages, and be quick to get back to your consumer’s enquiries. Also, you can consider text messaging as an option for communication, use a business WhatsApp and dedicate this as your text-only channel. Get a strong email marketing strategy in place for easier communication. It will bring you more benefits in the coming days.

4. Social selling will rule in the coming months

These days, consumers spend more time shopping online than in physical shops. Selling through traditional channels like newspapers, magazines, TVs, etc has now reduced importance. Instead, influencers and recommendations from friends and family are on the rise. Word-of-mouth has gained popularity, it is a powerful force to grow any business. Hence, in the coming days, tying up with the relevant influencers in your industry will bring you benefits. This way, you’ll get more traction than any outsider.

5. User-generated content will increase

User-generated content, for quite some time, has become famous. It is engaging, fun, and a natural way that inspires people as it is growing in the market. When people use your product and showcase it on social media, it naturally generates huge credibility among the audience. It works as a testimonial and there’s no much better thing for a brand than getting recommended among the customers. There are a lot of brands that are leveraging this and getting success. So if you haven’t yet started, it’s the best time for you to think. Take help from the leading providers of digital media marketing services in Mumbai for continued business success.


Riding the wave to business prosperity is fun when you take advantage of the correct trends and strategies. We have shared the mantra here, all you need to do is to follow and grow your business. For more in-depth insights, get in touch with us.

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