4 Top Trends in SEO Services You Should Focus on in 2022

by digitactix-team Search Engine Optimization

SEO services have always taken a key part in attracting the target customers to any online business. And like all other earthly things, SEO trends are constantly changing. So to keep up with the pace, you need to follow the recent trends in the market. This is specifically important to ensure that your search engine marketing strategies are effective. Here are 4 top SEO trends that the leading SEO company in India predicts to be ruling in 2022.

4 top SEO services trends you should focus on in 2022

Staying on top of the SEO game is something that often feels like an overwhelming task. But we want to help you beat the latest SEO evolutions. So to make sure that you get favorable results here is a quick look at the top SEO trends. We believe that they will have a great impact on SERP ranking in 2022.

1. Artificial intelligence:

AI has been making a shift in how people interact with online content. So we believe that AI will also start to play a key role in the SEO game. Here we can specifically mention Google’s AI algorithm RankBrain. It is supposed to become one of the crucial ranking factors for Google SERP in 2022.

So now the biggest question is how to strategically channelize the content to excel an AI algorithm. Although Google never shares the inner workings of how its algorithm works, experts believe that one of the major ranking factors is user experience. That is, the amount of time any user spends on a website. So this and the click-through rate will be the key ranking factors for RankBrain.

So as you sit to reevaluate your SEO plans, it’ll be wise to create well-organized and useful content to catch the target eyeballs.

2. Long-form content

Marketers are always looking to know the length of the blog posts and such content. And the SEO services trend in 2022 indicates that long-form content of around 3,000 words or more will bring better results. So if you have not shifted your attention to create good quality long-form content, it’s time that you start planning likewise. This will help your content get better ranks on the search engines. Reach out to the top digital marketing company in Mumbai for more information on content and SEO services.

However, it’s also important to keep the readers engaged while you write your content. And for that, use H2 and H3 subheadings to break up the content into multiple small sub-sections. This will make the content more scannable, easy-to-read, mainly on mobile devices. Also, by including sharing links at the top and bottom of the valuable content, ensure that your users can share the content in just a click.

3. Mobile-friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is also a game-changer for SEO services. After Google rolled out the mobile-first indexing in 2019, optimizing the website and content for mobile devices has become more important than ever. The implication is that search engines mainly look at the mobile version of a website while considering the ranking since instead of the desktop version, the mobile version is considered the primary version. Hence it’s important to optimize the content keeping in mind the mobile-friendliness of the website.

4. Fulfill E-A-T standards

Google has put repeated emphasis on the quality of the content being one of the most important factors for ranking. But often markets wonder what “quality content” exactly is. Quality content is informative, valuable, engaging, and of course, refer to the EAT principle. EAT means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. And as per Google, these are the determining factors for considering a piece of content as of high quality. So you need to be aware of these while you create content for your website. The best SEO company in India can help you the best with all these concerns.

Bottom line

SEO plays an important role in ranking the content on the SERP. However, SEO is a continually evolving and growing process. So to keep up with the current market trends, you need to follow the trends we have mentioned in this blog. And if you want to dive deeper for more insights, get in touch with us.

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