Inkspell Unlocked Awards 2021: Digitactix Adds a New Feather to Its Crown

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Inkspell Unlocked Awards 2021 is a commendable initiative by Inkspell Media. It recognizes and honours the trailblazers from different fields of business and celebrates the essence of their excellence. It is a grand event where the business community comes together to glorify the entrepreneurial spirit and excellence. And the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai, Digitactix, is proud to win the prestigious Unlocked Awards 2021 by Inkspell Media in the Gold Category for two crucial domains: 

  1. The Best SEO Campaign for B2B and B2C
  2. The Best Enterprise Service – Smart Digital Adoption is the Key. 

Digitactix is the leading name in the field of digital marketing in Mumbai for more than the past 5 years. We are especially known for our innovative and cutting edge online marketing practices. And amid the worldwide pandemic when businesses of all scale and potential were compelled to slow down and even close their businesses, Digitactix was busy ensuring business continuity to the brands across the world. Inkspell Unlocked Awards 2021 is a testimony to all the hard work, dedication and perseverance that the entire team Digitactix showed during the most uncertain times of humankind. 

Inkspell Unlocked Awards 2021: Why Digitactix is the Best? 

There is nothing more satisfactory than the recognition of your talent and efforts. The two awards that we have received in the two key categories, SEO and SMM, have boosted our confidence and determination to deliver excellence in the upcoming times. 

 1. Best SEO Campaign for B2B and B2C 


Best SEO Campaign

With the countrywide lockdown in 2020, the pandemic had a drastic impact on lives and livelihood. But Digitactix extended its digital anchor to save the businesses, especially the budding ones. Our SEO strategies helped various brands sail through the crisis with flying colours. 

Here are a few of our esteemed clients who believed in us for SEO:

  • Sujan Industries
  • One such client is Sujan Industries. We deliver B2B SEO services to this brand. The target areas of the brand are India, UK, the US, Europe. Our team efforts helped the brand feel the magic of SEO by acquiring ample B2B leads and conversion from the target countries. The brand has gained universal exposure and major growth in sales and revenue. 

Apart from these, the brand had seen a 41% growth in organic search traffic and a 32% rise in organic website traffic. Also, they have seen a 75% increase in B2B customer inquiries. The list just does not stop here. We have placed a lot of blogs on the very first position on the Google SERP for the target keywords. Some blogs are also ranking on the Rich Snippets of Google SERP. However, you can visit our SEO case study page where you’ll get to explore more on the same. 

  • Arohi Eye Hospital

Another client is Arohi Eye Hospital, the best eye hospital in Mumbai, for whom we deliver B2C SEO services. The primary target area of this client is Mumbai. Our smart SEO tactics had helped the brand capture B2C success by increasing organic website traffic. Also, they have generated a huge number of qualified leads and conversion. Their sales and revenue have also seen a huge improvement. This way we have ensured optimum business growth for Arohi Eye Hospital.

They have seen a 230% rise in organic traffic. Also, we have been able to place 60% of their target keywords on the very first page of Google SERP. There has been a 170% growth in website visitors as well. Not only that, we have placed the blogs on the first page of SERP for most target keywords. 

We have always believed that the right SEO can get a brand the best ROI. Our approach has always been brand-new and the aim is business growth. We are overjoyed to have received the Inkspell Unlocked Awards 2021 for the best SEO campaign. We are grateful to Inkspell Media for such prestigious recognition. 

2. Best Enterprise Service – Digital Adoption is the Key


In the year 2020, lives really came to a halt due to an intense crisis. But there was a silver lining to the businesses and it came with the digital anchor, Digitactix. From March 2020 to March 2021, we have acquired 13+ accounts of all scales and helped them grow. 

Our tailored and tactical solutions have always pushed our clients to pave the way to digital success. When stagnation hit the world hard due to the pandemic, Digitactix had extended its digital anchor with ample job opportunities. To ensure utmost output and value we had hired more than 10 digital marketing experts throughout the year. 

We are an exclusive ROI-driven agency that shows the world who you are. In October 2020, our media spend for one of our esteemed clients, Culinary Craft, was Rs 15,000 and the ROI was Rs 3,31,000 which is really huge. Our online marketing strategies help brands grow and make dreams happen. And it’s once again proved with the Best Enterprise Service Award that we received by Inkspell.

Yet to Feel the Digital Pulse? Come Onboard with Digitactix

Digital Marketing is really a complex thing but our founder – Ankita Gupta and her dynamic and most talented team at Digitactix is here to help brands edge out the digital game. We are committed to delivering clear strategies for real-time outcomes. We can not thank Inkspell Media enough for such acknowledgement of our passion, hard work and efforts. 

Winning awards has always been a delightful event for everyone, especially for people who are industrious and dream to conquer the world with their perseverance. And Inkspell Unlocked Awards 2021 is a token of encouragement, motivation and determination for us to work our heart out and deliver excellence forever. 

Yet to feel the digital pulse for your brand? Get in touch with us to come onboard with Digitactix. 

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