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The ideal blog post length for SEO 2021 is a matter of concern for every other blogger. Although there is no such hard-and-fast rule for the length of a blog post. But, it’s true that a longer blog with informative content performs well in terms of SEO. Because Google loves more content. So the longer and more useful the content your blog post has, the more are its chances of getting a higher rank on Google. Therefore, if you’re a newbie in the field of blogging or an independent marketer trying to get your own land in the world of the web through blogging, the top SEO agency in Mumbai has the secret to the perfect blog post in-store.

However, here in this blog, we’re going to share a few findings of writing a perfect SEO-friendly blog post. So just spend some time reading the post and become a pro blogger easily.

What Should Be the Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO 2021?

As we have already mentioned, no such rules are carved in stone for the length of a blog post. Different experts have different opinions on the same. However, as per HubSpot data, an ideal SEO blog post should have 2100-2400 words. The length of an individual blog post can range between 333 to 5581 words, with a standard length of 2164 words.

Also, Hook Agency studied that in 2021, the perfect length of a blog post for ranking should be 1760 words. So, it is not compulsory to stretch each and every of your blog posts to more than 2000 words. Blogs with around 1500 words also have the full potential to get a higher rank on Google as long as these are:

  • Written with the right keywords that are inserted naturally
  • Having Alt-text added with keywords and image descriptions
  • Linked back properly with powerful external websites
  • Having effective Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Having media-rich content added to the body
  • Using an exciting introduction to hook the readers
  • Having supporting data and examples for the key points
  • Using bullet points for improved readability etc.

However, according to Yoast, any blog post should contain at least 300+ words. Having less than 300 words in any blog post or any web page is considered as thin content in the eyes of Google. Thin content is not SEO-friendly and there’s the lowest chance of its getting a higher rank on Google. Opt for the best SEO services in India to get more precise insights on the same.

Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO 2021 for Different Blog Types

It’s obvious that people write blog posts for different purposes. Some are for generating leads, some are for driving traffic, etc. Again, there are different formats of blog posts like List Blog Posts, What-is Blog Posts, How-to Blog Posts, Pillar Pages, etc. So the length of each type depends on the formats of the blog posts you’re choosing to write.

1.List Blog Posts:

If you’re a new blogger, then list blog posts or listicles must be the most approachable format for you. This format contains a list of some given topics and an interesting explanation with relevant instances, resources, tools, or ideas. The more instances your list blog posts can have, the better purpose it’ll serve.

You can see that when you google for a list of ideas, the more numbers of information you get, the better for you. Naturally, a blog post with 5 list points will have lesser content than another with 10 or more list points. And the more information you’ll be able to provide to your readers, the more traffic it will generate. So putting your efforts into creating an authoritative and comprehensive listicle of 2300-2600 words can be beneficial for your readers as well as your SEO purposes.

2.What-is Blog Posts:

Another popular blog post format is “What-is” posts. This type of blog answers a question people are looking for. When you’re searching for what something is, or who someone is, or when something is going to happen, there’s no doubt that you would prefer a quick answer or explanation to your question. Hence, an ideal what-is blog post can have around 1000 to 1500 words. Reach out to the leading SEO services company in Mumbai for more information on ideal SEO-friendly blog posts.

3.How-to Blog Posts:

How-to blog posts contain an elaborate procedure of doing something. So the ideal blog post length for SEO 2021 for this type of blog depends upon the type of topic you’re describing. Like if you want to describe how to prepare tea, you can write a blog of 300 to 400 words and explain the entire procedure. But if you want to write on how to start a new business, the blog is bound to be longer than the previous one.

However, any how-to blog post should be clear, to the point, and precisely written under headings and subheadings. Ideally, your how-to blog post can be around 1700 to 2100 words, but again, it depends on the topic. So decide on the length keeping in mind the topic of your blog post.

4.Pillar Pages:

Pillar page contains an all-embracing directory or handbook of any given topic. Such blog posts have a cluster of blogs related to the topic described in the “pillar.” This type of blog post takes a few days to write since there’s an extensive range of content to work on. Similarly, citing multiple sources, linking out to all your relevant blog posts on the same matter also takes more time.

Therefore, pillar page blog posts can have around 4000 words and are great at driving traffic if written and optimized properly.

Get Your Blog Posts Done with Digitactix

Writing a compelling as well as SEO-friendly blog post is not an easy task. We know that. You need to keep a lot of things in mind before you post any blog on your website. But as a blogger, you must also be smart enough to avoid greasing your elbow to generate your desired outcomes from your blogs. Follow our guide to learn the ideal length of your blog posts for SEO purposes in 2021 and start writing to get the most out of your hard work on blogging.

Of course, here’s not the end. There are a lot more magnitudes of blogging for SEO. Get in Touch with us to know more on the same and apply them to spark your commercial development, right away!

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