eCommerce SEO Checklist 2021 : 8 Tips to Boost Traffic & Sales in 2021

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If you have an online shop and you’re planning to revamp it, you need to have an eCommerce SEO checklist in 2021. I’ve already shared a detailed guideline for eCommerce website SEO in my previous blog and you can check it here. So in this blog, we’re going to share some essential checklists for your website. Following them will make your online shop more visible on the web and drive desired organic traffic and sales. The top digital marketing agency in Mumbai also provides SEO services for online shopping websites. So you can easily approach them for getting advanced SEO help for your brand.

eCommerce SEO Checklist for More Organic Traffic & Sales

In this era of the digital shift, it’s an obvious fact that online shops with proper SEO done on the website will be more visible and rank high on the SERP. So, to aptly optimize your website for search engines, find the eCommerce SEO checklist 2021 below, and apply to get the best results.

1.Mobile-friendly Website

These days, the use of mobile phones influences our buying decision more than physical stores. Reports claim that one-third of our decision to shop depends upon the add-on facts that we get from our mobile devices (source – Big Commerce). So, to be more visible to your target viewers and get a high rank on the search engines, your eCommerce website must be mobile optimized. Get help for the same from the leading providers of SEO services in India.

2.Faster Page Loading Speed

The best page loading time for your shopping website is around 2 – 3 secs. To improve the page load time, try to lessen the redirects, HTTP requests, and development resources like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. You can optimize images with clipped size and Alt tags and upload videos from external sources. On the CMS front, you can reduce or stop extra plug-ins. Hosting plays a key role in your website’s page loading speed. So getting a better hosting plus CDN service will help its loading time and speed. And also, don’t forget to enable browser cashing for better and faster website experience.

3.Simple Site Structure

A properly built website helps search engine crawlers to find the inner pages, index your website faster, and aids the ranking process. So while monitoring the SEO aspects of your website always remember to keep the site structure simple. Connecting the internal pages well with the home page is a must. This, in turn, helps your users to easily find their required pages and enriches their shopping experience. In this regard, the elite digital marketing company in Mumbai can help your brand with advanced solutions.

4.Structured Data is a Must

For a successful online shopping business, structured data is a necessity these days. Creating structured data can ben beneficial in aiding conversion optimization, CTR, boosting SERP indirectly, reducing bounce rate, and improving user engagement. Schema markup tags are great tools for creating structured data. So for that, use the rich snippets like Product Name, Rating, Currency, Shipping Details, Costing, Existing Colours, Product Availability, etc.

5.Target & Use Sales-driven Keywords

More specific keywords with lower search volume have the ability to drive great conversions than the generic keywords. These specific keywords will take the user directly to the product pages of your website and they will find exactly what they are looking for. Hence extensive and meticulous keyword research for your eCommerce website is a must. Now after getting the focus keywords, use them in optimizing your website more. Create an optimized Image Alt Text, File Name, H1 Tag in the Headings, Page Description, and Title Page with the keywords. You can reach the renowned providers of top SEO services in India for more detailed strategies.

6.Add Valuable Content

Organic content has special importance for Google to rank a website. And when it comes to eCommerce websites, unique and fresh content is the most valuable aspect. So when you’re going through the eCommerce SEO checklist 2021 for your website, don’t forget to avoid duplicate content. Always optimize the content with proper target keywords and fresh wordings. Removing thin content with elaborate and SEO-friendly briefs on each of the web pages imparts enhanced experience for search engines as well as users. Remember, more informative content is equal to the top rank on SERP.

Also, update old content often with fresh wordings and link related contents for better crawling and user experience. Further, check if the content is engaging, as more engaging content helps a website to improve its ranking on SERP. Apart from that, implementing proper canonical tags and redirection will bring great results. And add “No Index” tag to all pages that are not necessary to get indexed by the search engine. Plus, check if the URL path is clear and easily understandable for the users. These little things impact greatly on your website’s SEO.

7.Optimization of SEO Title

Products on your online shopping website have to be optimized with the SEO title and keywords. So creating a unique, SEO friendly and interesting product title for the search engines and users is a necessity. For this purpose, you can use your website brand name in the title. This is called Brand Optimization. In the same line, try to write the title in less than 60 characters. Using the “Free Shipping” word in the title can have a wonderful impact on the user’s mind. Moreover, never forget to use action words like “Buy”, “Online” etc. and use proper keyword placements in the title. You can reach the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai for better plans and insights.

8.Optimize Images & Videos

The use of stunning images and informative videos on your eCommerce website is a nice concept for attracting users. But to make the website SEO friendly, never forget to add proper and relevant Alt Texts with keywords. Using compressed images and videos is necessary for better page loading speed. Also, try to use embedded codes for videos. Outsourcing videos from external websites is a good idea to avoid having a heavy shopping website. Then, never forget to optimize meta descriptions and other required details for all the videos on your website.

Final Words

So these are the crucial eCommerce SEO practices for improved visibility and sales in 2021. Implement all these strategies in your online business to get the most desired results. For further confusion, Get in Touch with us for more detailed discussion and take your eCommerce brand to the next level.

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