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The demand for a B2B SEO agency in the field of digital marketing is in full swing. We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key part of the field of digital marketing. Any business, be it B2B or B2C, willing to attain the top rank organically on the Google SERP is looking for an effective and powerful SEO plan. Moreover, with 81% of B2B buying cycles starting with an online search (source: GoDaddy India), it’s more crucial than ever for the B2B brands to make use of a strong plan by the best SEO agency India. So here in this blog, we are going to guide you in building your B2B business with SEO. 

But what exactly is B2B SEO? And how does it actually differ from B2C SEO? Is it possible to get leads through SEO? If yes, then how? 

Hold on! We know B2B SEO topics are interesting and you are excited to know all about them. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll take you through all the queries arising in your mind. Bonus is a case study from the leading SEO company in India where you’ll get an idea of the actual potential of B2B SEO in building a business from scratch. So, read on!

What is B2B SEO?

B2B SEO is an advanced digital marketing strategy that aims at helping the B2B web pages to get a higher rank and visibility on the search engines and increase the organic search traffic on it. It focuses on the keywords that the chief decision-makers in the organizations look for at work. And the successful strategies place your website exactly in front of them for the keywords they are looking for, influence them to make the purchase, and drive desired outcomes. 

Although in B2B marketing one business buys from another business, the basics of SEO remain the same. So for B2B SEO and B2C SEO as well, you need to make sure the website is properly optimized with the following techniques: 

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization

But unlike B2C businesses, it’s more challenging for the B2B businesses to strategize SEO or any other marketing plans and get outcomes. However, there are also other differences between these two. So let’s check them now.

How B2B SEO and B2C SEO are Different?

For Google’s ranking factors, SEO for B2B and SEO for B2C is the same. There’s no B2B algorithm or any special steps that B2B brands need to perform to get a higher rank on Google. But, B2B SEO practice is different from B2C SEO practices. Below are the factors around which B2B and B2C SEO differ from each other. 

  1. In B2B SEO, the keywords that the marketer’s target are low volume. Whereas in B2C SEO, the target keywords are high volume.  
  2. B2B contents are published for industry leaders or decision-makers of any organization. Whereas B2C contents are written for a broad range of audiences or customers. 
  3. In B2B marketing, keywords generally have high Costs Per Click, but in B2C marketing keywords have low Costs Per Click. 
  4. B2B SEO requires little or no social media marketing, whereas B2C SEO always requires focusing on social media marketing.
  5. In B2B SEO, content creation is very well-planned, strategic, and prudent. In contrast, in B2C SEO, content can inspire emotion and fun among the target audiences. 

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How Do You Get SEO Leads?

Getting leads through SEO techniques is easy if you are smart enough. There are a lot of ways to get SEO leads and these are:

  • Get Your Website the Top Rank on the 1st SERP

No matter the volume of your business, to get SEO leads, you need to place your website on the top SERP. Backlinko says the 1st website on the 1st SERP gets 31.7% of all clicks. Also, the same source says that only 0.78% of the searchers on Google click on the websites on the 2nd SERP. Hence, placing your website on the 1st SERP is of optimum importance for getting organic leads. 

Indeed, for this, you need to ensure your website is SEO-friendly. All the on-page, off-page, technical SEO activities are perfectly executed. Also, adding keyword-optimized fresh content to the website is a must for getting all the desired results.

  • Distribute Free Resources

Giving away free resources can be a good idea to attract target eyeballs and get leads. Think about what will be most useful for your target audience. It can be a PDF of Free SEO Checklist, Free NDA Generator, Free Webinars on Launching Website, etc., and many more. In exchange for these, you can get innumerable contact information where you can strategically execute your email marketing plans. Definitely, the process is time-consuming. So you have to keep your patience. But if your plans are wise, eventually you’ll get leads and conversions. 

  • Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a very engaging social platform where you can help a lot of people by answering their queries. But you must not pitch your services. Instead, just write informative solutions. So if a potential customer goes through your answer and follows you to your website, you won! An experienced B2B SEO agency can help you best with the same. 

  • Add Your Website URL to the Websites You Work on

Now, this is a fantastic idea. Tag your website URL on the footer of the website you have worked on. This lets your website reach out to the innumerable visitors of that website. You can get new website design clients from there as well. But don’t forget to make it a No-follow link.

  • Reach Out to the Awful Website Owners

Reaching out to the poorly designed website owners and offering them help in getting the 1st SERP rank can work well. Explain to them how close their website is to the 1st rank on Google SERP and let them know that it’s you that can help them reach their desired rank. This can really work in your favor. 

  • Offer Well-planned Collaborations

You can offer strategic collaborations at a discounted price with the local businessmen that provide services like web design, social media marketing, online PR, IT companies, etc. A few of the agencies do not offer SEO services, but they have clients that ask them about the same. So they can refer them to you for SEO services. Reach out to the best SEO agency in Mumbai for more innovative SEO plans.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for B2B?

These days the importance of digital marketing is not really unknown to the business. But it’s a bit challenging for the B2B brands to wisely plan the marketing strategy and get desired results. However, some of the importance of digital marketing for B2B businesses are as follows:

  1. Better Brand Awareness: With powerful branding and constant messaging, digital marketing helps to create awareness about the brand. By constantly targeting and retargeting the proper audiences, you can stay top of mind. 
  2. Higher Business Possibilities: By presenting your business in front of the right audience will let your potential customers know more about your services and offerings. Also, once you can gather leads and nurture those leads later and convert them into clients. 
  3. Minimum Cost for Ads: Unlike traditional marketing, the cost of advertising is way more inexpensive in digital marketing. It requires less manpower, time, and effort and it gives you more exposure, more ROI, and sales. 
  4. Get Insightful Information: Digital marketing campaign helps to gather insightful data about the potential customers you are targeting. These data can help you improve your plans and get optimum outcomes and ROI.
  5. Get Real Testimonials: Your customers will talk about you and your services whenever they get a chance to. Also if they are satisfied with your services they will publicly recommend your services to other people. 

Case Studies for Real-time Insights

Digitactix is the top B2B SEO agency India that has accumulated a lot of work experience in B2B as well as B2C marketing. So for giving you a detailed idea of how we have improved the overall business of our esteemed B2B client, Sujan Industries, here’s presenting the case study. 

The Objective of the Client: It was October 2019. We took over the entire responsibilities of digital marketing for Sujan Industries from scratch. The objective of the client was to rank the website on the top of Google SERP for the target keywords. 

Our Analysis: We analyzed the entire business of the client. They didn’t even have a website. So we designed and developed their online presence, wrote SEO-optimized content for it. Then we executed the SEO techniques and worked tirelessly to attain business growth. 

Process We Followed: We followed the below process to get the desired results.

  1. We did a thorough competitor analysis to find out the marketing prospects.
  2. We did extensive keyword research to find out the best keywords to target.
  3. Then we incorporated the keywords into the website contents to optimize it.
  4. We optimized the website with all the techniques of On-page and Technical SEO. This includes adding SEO-optimized Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 tags, Image tags, schema, improve page loading speed, mobile optimization, internal link improvements, etc. 
  5. The client was from a technical industry where writing content was very tricky. But we managed to write SEO-friendly blogs and with extensive off-page SEO techniques, we are able to ensure the top SERP rank for a lot of our blogs. A few of our blogs are also having Schema rank on the Google SERP. 

We executed innovative link-building strategies to get strong and powerful backlinks to the website. This helped us to drive innumerable organic traffic to the website.

Results: So with all the effective strategies, dedication, and hard work of our SEO professionals we have built the business of our client on the internet. Within 6 months we are able to provide the desired results to Sujan Industries. A lot of our blogs are having schema ranking on the SERP. To learn more, check the below images.

The Blog of Sujan Industries having a Schema rank on Google SERP.

Keyword: Supplier of Aftermarket Parts in India

Check out below another example of our blog ranking 1st on Google SERP.

Google SERP

Keyword: Locomotive Gear Case Seal

So these are the real case studies that we have worked on. For more detailed B2B SEO strategies, Get in Touch with us.

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