Advanced SEO Techniques : Get Huge Organic Traffic, Leads and Revenue

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Understanding advanced SEO techniques is crucial if you want to increase search traffic and brand awareness for your website.

With 40,000 search queries Googled every second on average (visualize them here), it’s more than important for your website to stay on the top SERP. Because 75% of users never click past the first SERP (source: Neil Patel). And 60% of all search traffic goes to the first three organic search results (source: Neil Patel). So once your website is visible on the top page, it’ll get more visibility, traffic, conversions, and increased revenue. And for all these, the top Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai provides advanced SEO techniques with which your website can get its desired results.

However, in this blog, we’ve explained some of the most essential SEO techniques for your website. Learn and implement them right away to increase search traffic and revenue for your website.

Advanced SEO Techniques for Your Website

A. Website Front:

For implementing the latest SEO practices on your website, you’ve to be very cautious about creating an SEO-friendly website structure. Check the following guidelines :

SEO Audit for Website :

SEO audit lets you learn about your website’s performance. A complete SEO audit examines why you are not getting enough search traffic. It lets you set new goals based on your findings and implement new ways to reach those goals. During an audit, look if all web pages have :

  • First, SEO meta tags i.e. meta title and meta descriptions
  • Second, Optimized for SEO keywords
  • Third, The optimized URL structure for search engines
  • Fourth, Proper post formats
  • Fifth, Images with Keywords in Alt tags
  • Then, Contents with internal and external links, etc.

SEO optimized landing pages :

Recent researches have revealed that brands with 10-15 landing pages have 55% more conversions than brands with less than 10 landing pages (source: Neil Patel). So, create stunning and SEO optimized landing pages on your website for more lead generation and sales. Check if your landing pages have:

  • First, Zero navigation link
  • Second, Long-tail keywords in contents and structure
  • Third, Informative, useful, and compelling content
  • Fourth, Links with existing contents and web pages
  • Then, A noticeable call to action

Mobile-friendly website :

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive. This will impact your website ranking a lot.

B. Content Front:

Content is one of the most important ingredients that help to successfully run the SEO techniques of a website. The leading agency of the best SEO services in India also provides all-round content marketing services and helps you with the same. But you can try to check the following on the content front :

1. Optimize your contents :

To optimize your contents check if you’re not missing out too:

  • Have keywords inserted naturally and prudently?
  • Include simple synonyms of the principle keyword
  • Over-optimize the content with too many keywords
  • Have consistent, informative content with 1500+ words

2. Update your goldmine of content regularly :

Repurpose your old blog posts or other contents wisely by

  • First, Adding a more compelling headline
  • Second, Updating the old data and images
  • Then, Including infographics to grow traffic

3. Post Valuable Copies on Social Media :

Create some valuable and compelling content on social media to drive brand awareness and engagement. This in turn will help you get social media traffic to your website.

C. Keywords and Link Building:

Keywords are the steering wheel for any website. So choose and use keywords wisely to make your website visible on search results. Also, build powerful links to increase the authority and trust from Google and your target audience. For this purpose, the best Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai comes up with a plethora of advanced SEO techniques for your website. Meanwhile, you can also do the following :

Spot and Use Your Competitor’s Keywords :

Try to play smart when it comes to using keywords for your website. Find the keywords that your competitors on the first SERP are using and implement them on your website. So then having great content on your website and executing excellent SEO techniques, getting the top rank on SERP won’t be an issue.

Multiple Keywords in SEO Page Title :

An SEO page title is a title that will come up on the SERP. So using multiple keywords using different synonyms or phrases in the SEO page title will make it attractive and SEO-friendly.

Use Internal Deep Linking :

When you use anchor text to link to other internal pages inside your blog, it’s called deep linking. Google sees it as a positive sign and indexes it fast. Internal linking lets you improve the SEO value for those internal pages. Even for highly competitive keywords, the pages can have improved ranking on SERP. Thus, internal linking helps to build page authority, which in turn doubles your traffic.

Link to External Sites with High DA :

Linking with external websites with high domain authority will help your website gain trustworthiness from Google.

Need More Help?

So these are some of the exceptionally advanced SEO techniques for your website. Try to practice and implement them for better visibility on SERP, improved search traffic, conversions, and ROI.

SEO is a crucial practice for newbies. So if you’re stuck at any point, don’t delay seeking expert guidance. Get in Touch with us today and make the most of your investment right away!

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