SEO Core Web Vitals: Best Tips to Beat Google’s Ranking Game

by digitactix-team Search Engine Optimization

What are core web vitals?

Core web vitals are a part of the Page Experience signals of Google. These are mainly the speed metrics that Google uses to gauge the experience of a user when he/she is on the website. This subset of Google’s Web Vitals evaluates the responsiveness, speed, and visual stability along with existing user experience signals. This way it assesses the overall user-friendliness and page experience of the website. If you are looking to get a higher website rank, talk to the top digital marketing company in Mumbai.

Are core web vitals important?

Core vitals are crucial factors for getting a high rank on Google. Since user experience is now Google’s official ranking factor, these subsets of Web Vitals have really become important. Here are the reasons why:

  • For upcoming websites, core vitals are a great opportunity to beat the rank game. You follow the core vitals so you get through Google’s ranking assessment and get a high rank on SERP.
  • Page experience can make a major difference in ranking if there is a clash between two websites with similar quality content and ranking.

With these core vitals, Google is indicating the web developers and owners to go by the best practices of user experience while creating a website. Thereby, making the website user-friendly and improving its rank on the Google SERP. In other words, if your website meets the standards of core web vitals, it could be a tie-breaking ranking factor.

However, remember that there are almost 200 ranking factors that Google follows while ranking a website, and the page experience score is one of them. So to get a good rank on the top SERP, you must optimize your website with both On-page and Off-page SEO techniques. The leading SEO company in India can help you the best regarding the same. Simultaneously, you must optimize your website’s core vitals, i.e. page experience to improve your chances of ranking on the SERP.

What are the three signals of core web vitals?

The top 3 signals of core web vitals that Google consider for ranking include:

1. Largest Contentful Paint or LCP: It is the very first metric for core web vital that Google utilizes to evaluate the page experience score of your website. It mainly assesses the loading performance of the largest elements like images, videos, texts, animations, etc. In other words, LCP is the time a website takes for a user from opening a link to getting to see the majority of a website’s content on the screen.

However, the ideal LCP measurement for a website is 2.5 seconds or faster. The quicker your website’s main page will load, the better your LCP score will get. With a large website and multiple features, getting the LCP right can be challenging. But you can take advantage of the best digital media marketing services in Mumbai.

2. First Input Delay or FID: It’s Google’s second core web vital that assesses the responsiveness of a website. It is the time a web page takes to respond and become interactive when someone opens it. FID assesses the duration it takes for the web page to do something that happens on it. The standard FID measurement is below 100 ms.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS: CLS measures the visual stability of a website. It assesses the layout changes that occur not by user interaction. So the fewer your CLS score is, the better is your page score performance. The ideal CLS score is less than 0.1. So make sure your activities target this only while you optimize your website to provide the best page experience.

How to improve the core web vitals for any website?

To make sure your website is aligned with Google’s core algorithm update, here are 5 core web vitals tips. Follow these to get the best ranking outcomes for your website.

  • Minimize JavaScript execution by measuring the unused JS and then cutting it down.
  • Implement lazy coding so the images can load at the exact moment when the users scroll down through the web page. Thereby, improving the website’s performance and SEO.
  • Compress the images to optimize the website more for a faster loading speed.
  • Make sure you follow the exact dimension for images on the website.
  • Improve the response time of the server where the website is hosted.

Bottom line

Digitactix is a renowned digital marketing company in Mumbai that offers a complete marketing solution for brands to drive the best outcomes from the internet. It’s an established fact that the backend of your website is as important as its front end. So make sure you keep optimizing your website from the time of its development. Know the basic factors for website ranking and follow the tips we have shared here to get the optimum results. For more information on core web vitals or website ranking, get in touch with us.

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