Is Your Brand Ready to Navigate the New Normal?

by digitactix-team Sales & Marketing

Digital Marketing, in the new normal, is an opportunity for the businesses! Sounds overwhelming, isn’t it? Well, in the present context it may seem absurd but with the right digital marketing strategies you can utilize the recent changes to deliver more meaningful experiences to your customers.

So in this blog we’re going to share some smart digital marketing techniques that will help your business thrive in the new normal of everything.

Digital Marketing Tricks to Thrive in the New Normal

Besides the global economy, companies everywhere have felt a disastrous effect due to the coronavirus. Our daily life has changed its course in terms of a lot of things. Everything has got a new shape and we call it the “New Normal.”

Employees have gone remote, people are distancing themselves socially, in-person meetings have turned into conference calls, trade shows are becoming virtual and so on. Previously all these would sound odd but now these differences are the “new normal.”

On the other hand, daily device usage and screen time has been skyrocketed for people all across the globe. So according to the top online marketing agency in Mumbai, this is the best time to indulge more into the digital world and experience a lot more of everything.

But How?

Simply, by boosting your focus on the online and social media platforms! In this connection, the following techniques are more than helpful for your brand to thrive in the new normal:

  1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media is the ideal platform to spread awareness for your brand. But we’re not speaking in vain! Recently Facebook has reported a 70% spike in the number of users during these trying days (Source: Brain Labs Digital). So it’s clear that now is the prime time to engage your followers with your brand’s services across the social media platforms.

Besides, you can go for Twitter Polls, Chats, Live Updates etc to engage your followers. Also, you can create video content to keep updated your LinkedIn followers in a compelling way.

Try to use the social listening tools to get a track of your followers’ reactions in the crisis. Learn what your target viewers are talking about and plan your online marketing tactics accordingly. These are the clever tricks to expand business growth in the new phase.

You can also conduct informative webinars, virtual events etc. to share expert’s knowledge on your products with your followers. This, in turn, will boost your authority and expertise among the competitors in your niche. And your brand will also be perceived as a trustworthy one across the digital world.

2. Content Marketing:

People always are looking for new information on the internet. So leverage the digital marketing services as much as you can to get a hold of the current situation and thrive in the new normal.

Educate your customers about the present situation by sharing useful contents on your website and social media. Let them know how your services align with their necessities with gripping and organic contents. Help them more through their buyer’s journey.

Visual assets attract more rapidly than the written contents. So create attractive infographics with true facts and figures to make it more shareable among your customers and drive website traffic in turn.

You can also share positive and inspirational stories and news about your company. Execute a thorough content audit during these slow days to improve your brand’s overall online value. Also, assess, reassess and improve your website’s contents to enhance the same.

Besides, you can go for sharing video contents with your audience. Videos are easy to consume, engage and share for the viewers. So try to repurpose your contents by sharing informative videos on your website and social media.

3. Search Engine Optimization:

The “new normal” can be a boon to your business if you’re smart enough. But we can not expect all to be much thoughtful and genius, and so we are here to help!

Leverage the top SEO services in Mumbai to build a long-term SEO strategy for your brand. You can focus on optimizing the contents with all the SEO techniques on your website and spike its SERP ranking.

Besides, craft an SEO-friendly landing page with great contents and visuals and watch how it spikes the conversion rate for your brand. Educate your customers with your contents and pave the path for remarketing opportunities down the road.

Opportunities that are ideal to focus on are:

  • Technical SEO: Check if there’s any obstacle in your website for being crawled and indexed by search engines. Apply smart ways to eliminate the obstacles and ensure smooth running of your website.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Focus on optimizing your website’s landing page with organic contents, proper tags etc. and skyrocket its SERP ranking.
  • Keyword Research & Optimization: Always look for what your target audiences are looking for. Perform an in-depth keywords and competitor analysis to get a better understanding of what’s going around in your industry.
  • Landing Page Creation: Apply those researched keywords while creating contents for the landing pages of your website. Craft compelling contents that your audiences would love to consume.

4. Nurture Your Leads

This is another smart plan, among the digital marketing strategies, to follow during the downtime. Nurture your leads, know your customers and stay in touch with them, too. Know their pains and provide solutions as much as you can.

Create a strong customer relationship, build trust among them and help them through buyer’s journey. This way, when they’ll decide about buying, they will think of you first and approach you.

5. Paid Services

Opt for paid services like PPC, Google Ads etc. to reach your target audiences exactly when they search for your product. This way you can generate leads, convert them into customers nicely and boost sales.

All At A Glance:

So, if we put together, these are the quick tips by the best online marketing agency in Mumbai for your brand to thrive in the new normal phase:

  • Think about your business goals and budgets.
  • Listen to your customer’s needs.
  • Provide value to your customers as much as possible
  • Be loyal to your customers to get loyalty in return
  • Lead your services as per the shifting demands in the new normal
  • Optimize your brand’s messages for the new needs of your customers
  • Use positive visuals to help reduce the dull emotions
  • Share explainer videos to educate your customers about your products and services.

Wrap Up:

Whatever may be the current situation, staying creative and updated and ensuring faith can help your brand go a long way in the time ahead. This might be a slow phase, but soon everything will get their pace back and even up in the new normal.

People always remember the brands who prioritise their customers. And following the above ways your brand can be front of the mind for your target customers, indeed.

Still confused about your brand’s performance in the new normal days ahead? Get in Touch with us today and meet a new height for your brand in these new phases of everything.

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